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Warner Bros. Reveals Official Trailer for SMALLFOOT

Warner Bros. has recently unveiled the first official trailer for their upcoming CG feature, Smallfoot. The title comes from the film’s play on the mystery surrounding the cryptid called Bigfoot, as a tribe of Yetis discover a human, which – if still not obvious at this point – is the eponymous “smallfoot.” You can check out the trailer below to see things more clearly: The film ...


Review: Teen Titans Go! – The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular

It’s finally here! Back on February 25th, we covered the Red Carpet for the Teen Titans Go! 200th Episode and the staff at Warner Bros Animation were happy to have a party to celebrate this amazing milestone. Now, fast forward 9 months and the 200th Episode baby is BORN! The World Premiere of “The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Parts 1 & 2” is airing on Cartoon ...


Nick Offers Sneak Peek at The Adventures of Kid Danger

Nickelodeon has just unveiled a brand new clip for their new animated series The Adventures of Kid Danger. This new series is based on characters from the live action show Henry Danger, with the stories revolving around the heroic Kid Danger and Captain Man as they go on exciting adventures, battling bizarre criminals and super villains along the way using their amazing crime fighting skills and ...


John Lasseter is taking a leave of absence for his inappropriate behavior.

Things are getting really Interesting in Hollywood in recent weeks. We at Toon Barn, have covered some of the news with powerful CEO’s. But today, things are much more quiet, and subdued. For it wasnt the wage suppression scandal that has ended this man’s career. It was his inappropriate behavior. Here are links to the news articles that will give more details: John Lasseter Takes ...


Harley Quinn to Get Her Own Animated Series

According to, Warner Bros. Digital platform is working on a new animated series that revolves around the popular Batman villain Harley Quinn. The report states that the series will consist of 26 x 30 minute episodes and will feature more mature storylines compared to Harley Quinn’s other recent appearances in a cartoon series. For the uninitiated, the Harley Quinn character ...


Incredibles 2 Teaser Features Jack-Jack

It took a bit of time, but a sequel to the action comedy CG blockbuster The Incredibles is coming, and it looks like Disney is every bit as excited as all of us because they have unveiled the first teaser trailer seven months ahead of its release. The teaser is short, obviously, but it nonetheless manages to provide fans with a teaser for the youngest Incredible, Jack-Jack, using one of his many ...


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Trailer Teases New Features

Back when Street Fighter V was released, the game received a lot of flak for the lack of an Arcade Mode. And while there were ways to fight the CPU, such as the Versus, Survival and a rudimentary Story modes, people still wanted a proper Arcade Mode. It took a while, but Capcom seems to have listened to their fans (or saw an opportunity to squeeze more money out of the fans, depending on your ...


The Little Mermaid Retold Through Emojis

Walt Disney’s magical retelling of The Little Mermaid has recently turned 28 years old, so it is high time for a tribute and another retelling, so the studio’s digital wizards spent some time creating yet another retelling of the classic, only this time around they used emojis as the medium. Clocking in at 4 minutes, 10 seconds, this retelling leaves out a lot of the details provided by the ...


Mojang to Produce an Adventure Time Minecraft Episode

Cartoon Network and Mojang have already teamed up many times before, and within the context of Adventure Time, have already released a mashup game on the various platforms where there is a Minecraft port. This time around, they’re working together on CN’s terms via a new Minecraft episode of Adventure Time titled “Diamonds and Lemons.” The “Diamonds and Lemons” episode will feature ...


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Launches with First Global Mission

The latest games in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, has recently launched. The event was heralded by a launch trailer, which you can watch below. But the more exciting thing is the additional information about the first Global Mission. The Global Mission sounds straightforward – all the players of the games worldwide should reach a cumulative total of 10,000,000 Pokemon ...


Comcast Interested in Buying 21st Century Fox

By now, most everyone who would be interested in the information already knows that Walt Disney is in talks to buy 21st Century Fox. The news is already a big deal because more than 90% of mainstream entertainment production in the US is controlled by only five companies, and Walt Disney buying 21st Century Fox would reduce that number to four – but it’s doubly more important especially to ...


DHX and Hulu Strike Exclusive Deal Over Supernoobs

DHX Media and Hulu have recently inked a new deal that grants the latter exclusive SVOD rights in the US for the first season of Supernoobs. All of the episodes of the season are now ready to watch on the platform, joining other DHX toons that have already graced Hulu’s services, such as Dr. Dimensionpants. For the uninitiated, Supernoobs is a new animated kids’ adventure series about a ... now has 838 pages of news and games!12345Last Page »

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