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Month: October 2011

Akira movie finally greenlit by Warner Bros.

it has been confirmed that Warner Bros has dropped support of an animated remake of Akira

As an update to our previous news post: it has been confirmed that Warner Bros has dropped support of an animated remake of Akira, and instead approved a live action adaptation of the critically acclaimed anime and manga series. Warner Bros. execs were impressed by the studio’s presentation that they even announced the movie as a “potential tentpole project,” which meant that they’re expecting the movie to generate a noticeable amount of profit over a financial season. As for the staff, Horror director Jaume Collet-Sera (of House of Wax) is confirmed to be the director, replacing The Book of Eli’s Albert Hughes, who left the project last year for undisclosed reasons. Leonardo DiCaprio is slated to produce the movie via his Appian Way production outfit.

Travel Back in Time with Aardman Animations’ Phytagasaurus

Travel Back in Time with Aardman Animations’ ‘Phytagasaurus’

U.K. Animation studio Aardman Animations have released a new CG toon for your viewing pleasure: Pythagasaurus. Written by and directed by Peter Peake, Pythagasaurus tells the story of two odd cavemen who are having problems with a live volcano, and what do they turn to for help; a dinosaur that happens to be an expert mathematician. The CG short stars Bill Bailey, Martin Trenaman and Simon Greenall, and was produced by Stephanie Owen and Laura Pepper, with Heather Wright, Peter Lord, and David Sproxton serving as executive producers.

Scared Shrekless hits ABC on Halloween night

Scared Shrekless hits ABC on Halloween night

Tonight’s special on ABC has it all: we’ve got everyone’s favorite green ogre, Shrek. We’ve got the star of this weekend’s big blockbuster debut, Puss in Boots. We’ve got three frightening stories, lots of candy, and tons of various Halloween costumes. What does it all equal? Scared Shrekless! The DreamWorks Animation Halloween themed holiday special plays tonight at just-before-8pm; 7:58pm to be exact. Yes, that’s right, it means ABC is pushing around Dancing with the Stars — see, cartoons are that powerful! The special features three tales: The Bride of Gingy, Boot’s Motel, and The Shreksorcist, each attempting to scare the other story tellers. If you make it home from candy collecting in time, be sure to check (Shrek?) it out!

iPad’s Swampy to get his own Disney toon

Swampy to get his own show, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, has confirmed that they are going to release a 12-episode animated “Swampy” show on their website. The webisodes will be 3 to 4 minute each, and will be released on a weekly basis starting with a sneak peek in December, before the official launch in January, 2012. Swampy originally came from Disney Interactive’s 99 cent iPad app, Where’s My Water?, which has accumulated 1 million downloads since its launch last September. The game puts players in the shoes of the alligator who hates being dirty and wants nothing but to get clean water to his underground apartment.

Fangs a Lot Johnny and Johnny Trick or Treat truly Test Halloween

Fangs a Lot Johnny and Johnny Trick or Treat truly Test Halloween

With every Cartoon Network show really pitching in to make this a scary, and animated, Halloween, its great to see the good folks of Johnny Test contributing not one, not two, but three specials to the bunch! The holiday episodes, Fangs a Lot Johnny, Johnny Trick or Treat, and Nightmare on Johnny’s Street, are sure to offer their fair share of sweetness; not unlike the bags of candy you’ll be going through as you watch them! It all starts off Monday, October 31st – aka Halloween – at 6:30pm. So get there, grab some M&Ms and dig into the Johnny Test Halloween special.

Meet Jake and Finn: The Creeps

Meet Jake and Finn: The Creeps

Jake and Finn have been on many magical journeys across the mystical Land of Ooo. But few have been as strange, or scary, as the one for the upcoming Halloween special, Adventure Time: The Creeps. Along with Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Beemo, and Cinnamon Bun, Finn and Jake are invited to a masquerade ball hosted by …well, a ghost. Who is going to kill everyone. See, that’s already strike one and two, right there. Soon enough, one by one, the cast is whittled away, each disappearing without a trace, leaving Finn to fend for himself. It seems the entire party is a Clue-like whodunit mystery, where the riddles must be solved before everyone meets their demise. Think you have what it takes? TOON in to Cartoon Network at 8pm on Halloween night, October 31st, to see if you can solve The Creeps!

The Poltergeist, The Ghost make an Amazing World of Gumball Halloween

The Poltergeist, The Ghost make an Amazing World of Gumball Halloween

Halloween hits Cartoon Network hard this year, and The Amazing World of Gumball wants to make a good showing. That’s why, this Halloween night, October 31st, Gumball will feature not just one but two spooky episodes, ready to frighten, and entertain, audiences all over. Even the titles of each is pretty scary: The Poltergeist is first, immediately followed by The Ghost. Sounds like they’re getting right to the point in getting their spook on! The whole shebang kicks off at 7:30pm, which doesn’t leave you much time to collect, and eat, a bag full of candy before getting some animation in! Maybe even a gumball or two.

Have a Regular Halloween with Terror Tales of the Park

Have a Regular Halloween with Terror Tales of the Park and In the House

Nothing better than a regular night with your regular favorites; especially when its another regular Halloween. But what if it were a Regular Halloween…? Already, things are starting better! On Monday, October 31st, aka Halloween, Cartoon Network is rolling out a Regular Show Halloween special, complete with all the spookiness Mordecai and Rigby could conjure up. Regular Show: Terror Tales of the Park features three scary episodes: Creepy Doll, Death Metal Crash Pit, and In the House. Be sure you’re all done trick or treating by 8:15pm so you can get in and watch some cartoons!

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Goes Open Beta for American Players

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Goes Open Beta for North American Players

The Free to Play Online Game company OGPlanet has recently announced that they have entered into an agreement with Bandai Korea to publish the popular Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter (whew!) game SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online for North American users. Finally, North American users can enjoy an online mecha shooter that used to be exclusive to North Korean users (the North Korean version uses a location-based IP filter that prevents non-Korean players from joining).

Disney and Studio Ghibli release trailer for The Secret World of Arrietty

Disney Releases U.S. Trailer for Studio Ghibli’s ‘The Secret World of Arrietty’

Walt Disney has recently released a trailer for Studio Ghibli’s The Borrower Arriety, with a few key differences from the original Japanese release: The movie has been localized for US release as The Secret World of Arriety, and it is now dubbed in English. So there will be no need for you to import the original and hurt your eyes squinting at small subtitles. Directed by Studio Ghibli animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi with screenplay by Keiko Niwa and Hayao Miyazaki himself, The Secret World of Arriety tells the story of a family of tiny little people who leave within the walls and under the floors of a human house. The Studio Ghibli movie itself is based on the novel The Borrowers, by author Mary Norton.

Phi-Brain Kami no Puzzle Anime Licensed by Sentai Filmworks

Phi-Brain Kami no Puzzle Anime Licensed by Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks has recently acquired the license to Phi-Brain ~ Kami no Puzzle, a paranormal thriller anime from Sunrise and director Junichi Sato (Sgt. Frog, Sailor Moon). Phi-Brain ~ Kami no Puzzle features characters designed by legendary animator Youhei Sasaki, with music done by Akio Izutsu. All 25 episodes of the horror anime will be streaming soon on Anime Network Online, to be followed by other outlets.

New Trailer for Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

SUH-WEET! Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for their latest Dragonball game, Ultimate Tenkaichi. The usual heavyweight villains are shown, as you can expect from any Dragonball game trailer (especially ones that are from the Tenkaichi series, since their selling point is the sheer number of characters they have.): Cell, Frieza, Buu are all featured, but surprising is the appearance of villains that only appeared once in movies, such as Metal/Cyber Cooler, Janemba, and the towering Hirudegarn.

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