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Rumor: 4Kids and TheCW4Kids to be acquired by 3rd Party

Rumor: 4Kids and TheCW4Kids to be acquired by 3rd Party

4Kids Entertainment, the company forever connected with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, TheCW4Kids, dubbing issues, Al Kahn, Chaotic, Toonzai, and more, could soon be owned by an entirely new company. At least, that is the current report brought to ToonBarn. After a bit of investigating, it appears a company called Prescott Group Capital Management has purchased a number of shares of stock in the licensing company. Whether this means they’ll attempt to take over 4Kids, partner, or build up the company has yet to be seen. Stay TOONed for more details, and also let us know what you think! Would you buy 4Kids?

Prescott Group Capital Management reported in a mandated U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing on April 30 that it acquired 2,414,209 shares of 4Kids Entertainment. These shares represents 18% of the outstanding shares of 4Kids’ common stock. According to Prescott, 4Kids is “undervalued and represented an attractive investment opportunity.” However, Prescott added that the investment was “not made for the purpose of acquiring control” of 4Kids. Source: DealFlow Media

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  1. foxbox, 4kids,, thecw4kids, toonzai… there’s a lot of history with this company!

  2. Sheldon131 Sheldon131

    Yes, I would buy it, and I would bring back Legion of Superheroes !

  3. andy0002 andy0002

    i think Al Kahn has a good thing going for the fans, or at least he talks that way. i read on anime news network that they have 12 new shows that they’ve picked up and will air between now and the end of 2011. 8 of which are “childrens shows”, however i dont iknow if “kids” are allowed to watch action/ anime shows? regardless it seems they’re trying. if they manage to get more shows like DBZ kai i think they can get alot better. Seeing as its a saturday morning show only, i dont know that they could ever get too big though. Maybe they’ll get an after school line up like kids WB did? idk, but we should find out soon!

  4. not telling u not telling u


    is this in any way connected to George W Bush’s Nazi sympathetic grandfather?

    who are in league with the grays?

    who control the british crown?

  5. the_master_c the_master_c

    i think that Turner Entertainment (or TimeWarner) should buy 4Kids Entertainment.

  6. Kris Adams Kris Adams

    i think disney should buy 4Kids Entertainment

    • that’d actualy be pretty cool – then YuGiOh would be at Disney World 🙂

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