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The NYSE begins delisting process for 4Kids

The NYSE begins delisting process for 4Kids

Much is afoot at 4Kids Entertainment lately. There have been rumors of a buyout. There have been struggles with Chaotic. There have been proposals to rebrand for Toonzai Saturday mornings. There is work on strong toons like Dinosaur King and Dragon Ball Z Kai. Some news sounds like forward momentum, some sounds scary. It’s not entirely clear what the future holds for the company whose legacy includes Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Cabbage Patch Kids, Fox partnerships, CW partnerships, dubbing concerns, soft drink scandals, and more. The latest tidbit is the stock listing for 4Kids being removed from the New York Stock Exchange. Due to the company not meeting the minimum trade rate, NYSE is forced to make the move, giving 4Kids 10 days to review or appeal the decision. This doesn’t mean the company is closing, just that it will trade stocks in a traditional private fashion. Maybe there’s hidden good news in there, maybe not. What do you think?

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  1. J-Mac J-Mac

    This is very intreresting, but I don’t see how it will effect the company’s production. I’m not really concerned as long as I get more Chaotic.


    I miss Chaotic tcg and I want it back. It takes time for a tcg to make its tcg number 1 spot.

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