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TheCW4Kids to become Toonzai, says 4Kids Entertainment

TheCW4Kids to become Toonzai, says 4Kids Entertainment

There once was a time, before 4KidsTV, when Fox’s Saturday morning cartoon block was called FoxBox. Before The WB’s cartoon block became TheCW4Kids, it was the KidsWB. It seems like cartoons are always evolving and changing, and apparently the people at 4Kids Entertainment and The CW felt it was time for a re-branding of their Saturday block, as well. To kick off this Fall’s 2010-2011 season, the pair announced that the Saturday morning block between 7am and 12pm will now be known as Toonzai – perhaps a notable nod to the recently acquired Dragon Ball Z Kai? Z Kai = zai?

The company also made clear that Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sonic X, amongst other toons, will remain part of the block. Experts agree that these moves are part of 4Kids and CEO Alfred Kahn’s new objective to return 4kids “to its roots as a licensing and merchandising company [that] specializes in bringing wonderful Japanese programming and merchandising to the rest of the world.” Whatcha think?

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  1. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    Hmm i think 4kids shouldnt have taken over Fox Box and Kids WB. B/c of them there arent too many saturday morning cartoons…only infomercials. when 4kids 1st took over they were good, had good shows and stuff but that didnt last long…i wish they just had there own network of saturday cartoon block, kids today dont know what they missed on the Fox box and Kids WB. =D

  2. From what it sounds like, we have that classic case of “brand new name/same old (bland) taste”. It’s a pity that 4KidsTV has essentially destroyed Saturday Morning. Because of it, there’s no competition anymore.
    I’m from the Ol’ School who remembers when it was the networks that were in charge of Saturday Morning programming. Sure, there was Hanna-Barbera, Jay Ward and Filmation all over the place, but the product was home-grown and original. Despite using the same studios above, each network (CBS, NBC, and ABC-at the time) had it’s own look, sound and feel. (prior to 4KidsTV, FOX Saturday was the last of the network-driven originals.)
    No offense to anime (I’ve been loving that for just as long!!), but 4KidsTV–sadly–has done the same thing that Fred Ward has done for the 1st era of anime: Chop It To Little Pieces And Market It As An (semi-)’American Made’ Product. (Hell, they’ve even done it to something distinctly European, like “Le Winx Club”.) What 4KidsTV–‘scuse me–TOONZAI (gawd, that kinda sounds patronizing at the least; ‘racist’ at the most—‘TOONZAI’….puh-leeze!)–has failed to take into consideration is the sophistication of their audience. KIDS–especially those who came up in the past 20 years–ain’t stupid, so don’t adapt cartoons to talk down to them. When there WAS a KidsWB, the shows (home-grown, ‘natch!)were smart enough to not only attract the youngsters, but hold onto some of us who grew up in the first era (example: “Pinky And The Brain” was something that was prime-time worthy). In the original Japanese form, most of the shows usually got an early evening airing (smart dialog being one reason). I mean, even “Winx Club”‘s original (dubbed)version was equal to what The CW was airing on it’s evening blocks–but, you wouldn’t know that from 4KidsTV.
    Well, the ONLY good thing about this is that Funimation is doing the DBZ-Kai dub (a “broadcast version”), and they have never been known to pander down to its audience. Besides that, I think—-gawd, that new name just DOESN’T roll off the tounge…”toonzai”—-should make a better showing by starting off with a FRESH lineup.
    Like I said, kids ain’t stupid. May be a new name, but just like with my crew back in the day whenever a rerun aired: “Awwwwwwwwwww, we saw THAT before!”.

  3. SteveintheGR SteveintheGR

    They need to air more Sonic and Dinosaur King.

    less Yu-Gi-Oh and less Dragonball Z

    Everyone at my school complains about how they don’t show enough Sonic the Hedgehog. They only air it Saturday mornings for an hour. Also Dinosaur King gets less than that. They were getting a half an hour slot Saturday mornings …the past two weeks I can’t find them on the CW anymore.

    What do we have to do to get more Sonic and more Dinosaur King?

  4. Pablo Pablo

    Why is it that you have too show re runes that sucks I will send a letter to your supervisor hope fully it will be resolved

  5. Dudette01 Dudette01

    my all time favorite show is teen age mutant ninja turtles has been for a vary long time i got up at 6:00am lol :-)) befor whine i was Nat aloud to tmnt is the 1 show that i never mist not 1 episode dut they turn it of tv my sent 2nt favorite show is yu gi oh & dragonball Z i wish they would turn tmnt back on 🙂 :-))

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