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Adventure Time’s 5th Season Launches on November 12

Adventure Time's 5th Season Launches on November 12

Fans of Pendleton Ward’s hit animated comedy series Adventure Time will have an even more mathematical time this November, as the 5th season of the award-winning 2D toon series kicks off on Monday, November 12 at 7:30 pm ET/PT.

The new season of Adventure Time promises to shed some more light on the old and new colorful inhabitants of Ooo-including the much-awaited return of the reformed Flame Princess, Jake and Lady Rainicorn’s pups, and a new installment of the Fionna and Cake saga.

The 5th season will be heralded by a special two part episode entitled “Finn the Human”/”Jake the Dog,” which picks up where the previous season finale left off, with Finn and Jake chasing the Lich through the portal only to be led to a wishmaster named Prismo. Jake and Prismo watch from the portal as the Ice King’s crown makes Finn more and more powerful.

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  1. Tim Drake Tim Drake

    Noooooooooooooo why won’tthis horrible show die

  2. no no

    because its awesome.

  3. no Tim no Tim

    NOOOOOOOOOO Why wont Tim Drake die!!! This show isn’t horrible, its a masterpiece!

  4. Albinoblacksheep Albinoblacksheep

    lol you guys are funny

    but Tim Drake please go die in a hole

  5. Thank you God for telling Pen Ward to create Adventure Time Thank you God for telling Pen Ward to create Adventure Time

    Why would a person named “Tim Drake” ever hate on a masterpiece. It’s like God created a TV show and told Pendleton Ward to create his TV show.

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