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Going From Bad to Worse on Adventure Time's Halloween special

Going From Bad to Worse on Adventure Time’s Halloween special

Going From Bad to Worse on Adventure Time's Halloween special

Finn and Jake have been on some pretty awesome adventures. Some have been magical, some have been fantastical, some have even flipped the world on end and turned Finn and Jake into Fionna and Cake! However, in tonight’s Halloween special episode, this go From Bad to Worse! The problem starts when Princess Bubblegum accidentally unleashes a zombie epidemic across the Land of Ooo. …again! This same plague already caused a bit of damage in Slumber Party Panic, so its more than a little disturbing to see their green-glowing, candy-eating ways once more. Rumor has it, this time, they even get to Jake – will the Candy People and Chocolate Bar Guy be too much for our hero?? What will happen?! TOON in to Adventure Time tonight on Cartoon Network to find out!!

Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Cinnamon Bun, Chocoberry, and a Banana Guard never looked better

Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Cinnamon Bun, Chocoberry, and a Banana Guard never looked better

Can it be true? Is everyone infected? What are the Creeps, anyway? At least according to the teaser preview images, Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Cinnamon Bun, Chocoberry and a Banana Guard have been infected with the zombie-like candy rages. Now, sure, that sounds exactly like how we feel the day after Halloween, with our huge buckets filled with chocolate, but still – what will happen with Adventure Time!

Not home in time to see tonight’s episode? Too frightened to watch it alone? Never fear! Cartoon Network will replay Adventure Time From Bad to Worse on Thursday
October 27th at 7:30pm, Saturday October 29th at 4:30pm, and Monday October 31st, Halloween, at 10:30am.

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