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E3 2011: Sony reveals PlayStation Vita

E3 2011: Sony reveals PlayStation Vita

PlayStation reveals their new handheld console PlayStation Vita! Once called the Next Generation Portable or NGP for short, the device will now be known as PsVita. The Vita features has a touch pad, 5-inch OLED touchpad, enabled with Wi-fi and 3G- model, two analog sticks, six-axis motion sensing technology, front and rear camera. It also has a chat feature that will let gamers chat with friends through a headset or through the built in microphone using a private social PlayStation Network for the Vita users called “Party”. Gamers can recommend content and interact with friends in a private social network named “Near”. Sony also announced that Vita will come with the new Bioshock game, but we’re more interested in what other types of cartoon games we can play. Ben 10 PSVita, Adventure Time PSVita, SpongeBob for the PSVita, etc.


The Wi-fi only PsVita will cost $249 and the 3G Wi-fi will cost $299 Sony declares that their new handheld will be available during this holiday season. So get your reserves in! The Vita 3G version will be carried on AT&T *As soon as the audience heard the word AT&T they laughed and complained, I guess AT&T isn’t all that great.*


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