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Adventure Time DS Game Teaser Trailer

Adventure Time DS Gameplay Trailer

D3Publisher has just released a new trailer for their upcoming game based on the hit Cartoon Network Series Adventure Time. The game is going to be released on the Nintendo DS which means two things – first is that there will be no 3D mode, which is fine because 3D is for pansies, and second – it means nobody will be left behind (or forgotten?) because the game can be played by 3DS ...

Adventure Time DVD Arrives in Stores

Adventure Time DVD Arrives in Stores

If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, you better have a spare slot in your DVD rack, since the Advenure Time: The Complete First Season DVD set has just been released, featuring two discs that span all 26 episodes of the first season, along with a ton of bonus features produced by show creator Pendleton Ward and the rest of the creative team. ...

Adventure Time: Keyper Seeker Scheduled for Comic-Con

Adventure Time: Keyper Seeker Scheduled for Comic-Con

Cartoon Network is planning to host an immersive, mathematical experience for this year’s San Diego Comic-con, via The Adventure Time: Keyper Seeker experience, which will recreate the Land of Ooo! In the New Children’s Museum, with the Keyper presenting guests a special key meant to open one of the many doors within the secret lair of the Door Lords. Before opening a door, the guest must ...

Adventure Time x Studio Ghibli Mash-Ups

Adventure Time x Studio Ghibli Mash-Ups

It’s true that both Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time and most of Studio Ghibli’s works are universally loved and enjoyed by fans of animation, but aside from that, there’s nothing else tying the two together, and they’re not exactly the two cartoons that come to mind when thinking of a mash-up, but 17 year old artist dmd has went ahead and created a stunning set of mash-ups that feature ...

New Adventure Time Books and DS Game

New Adventure Time Books and DS Game

There’s a lot of new Adventure Time merch coming our way this 2012, with the first ones being a set of new Adventure Time books from Cartoon Network Enterprises and the Penguin Young Readers Group. Scheduled for release this July 2012, the first four titles in the collection include: Adventure Time Mad Libs It’s a Slamacowtastic Story Mix-Up (Activity Book) Righteous Rules for Being Awesome ...

Hug wolf hugs a deer

Adventure Time: Hug Wolf Review

In “Hug Wolf,” while searching for the deadly Blight Tree, Finn and Jake are ambushed by an alpha hug wolf that gets its heart-shaped paws around Finn. Jake manages to burn down the Blight tree. He asks Finn if he is alright. Finn’s suddenly filled with affection, and he can’t stop hugging people. He does this this to Beemo after they return to the tree fort, and Jake is playing video ...


D3Publisher Announces Adventure Time DS Game

D3Publisher has finally revealed the details to the Adventure Time DS game that series creator Pendleton Ward teased a number of weeks ago. Developed in collaboration with Cartoon Network Enterprises, the game is entitled Adventure time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! And will be available for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds late fall. ...

Jake sees bear acting like Finn

Adventure Time: In Your Footsteps Review

This new episode starts off with Finn skydiving with Jake on his back. Who knows how they got high enough in the air to skydive in the first place, but that is beside the point. Finn uses Jake as a parachute, and they land softly on the ground. ...

Marceline is under control of her Dad's Amulet

Adventure Time: Season 4 Double Episode Review

Adventure Time for this week treated us to a 2-Episode Feature. The first episode, “Return to the Nightosphere”, is the fifth episode in season four of Adventure Time. The second episode, “Daddy’s Little Monster”, is the sixth episode in season four of Adventure Time. In “Return to the Nightosphere”, the episode starts with Finn and Jake waking up in a ...

Adventure Time: Dream of Love

Adventure Time: Dream of Love Review

“Dream of Love” is the fourth episode in season four of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake, as usual, are out having fun. As they roll down a hill, they are laughing as they reach the bottom. Finn tells Jake about all the things they are gonna do, including getting an apple pie from Tree Trunks, and listening to Princess Bubblegum’s Concert. As they run to Tree Trunk’s house ...

Finn gets caught too

Adventure Time: Web Weirdos Review

The newest episode of Adventure Time with Jake and Finn, Web Weirdos, is the 3rd episode of the 4th season. Finn and Jake are walking on a trail, and do some stunts, and when Jake gets stuck in a spider web, Jake thinks it is a “vertical trampoline”, until Finn tells him it’s a spider web. ...

Mondo Gallery to Host Adventure Time Event

Mondo Gallery to Host Adventure Time Event

Adventure Time fans who live near Austin Texas are in for a mathematical treat, as Alamo Drafthouse Cinema;s collectible art boutique Mondo will be hosting a gallery event on April 27, featuring original artwork inspired by Pendleton Ward’s Emmy-nominated comedy series Adventure Time. ... now has 11 pages of news and games!« First Page45678Last Page »

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