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Five Short Graybles review

Adventure Time: Five Short Graybles review

“Five Short Graybles” is the second episode of season four of Adventure Time. In the beginning of the episode, there is a world globe seen in the right hand side of the story teller. It looks like the world, but the part of the world is torn apart. Could this be a clue to the Mushroom War? Anyway, the story teller tells us there are five stories woven into one, where they all share a ...

Happy Easter from ToonBarn Harry

Happy Easter from ToonBarn Harry

Happy Easter from ToonBarn Harry! Harry is joined by his cousin, Peter, and Humpty Dumpty, while they review some of cartoons impacting us this past week, as well as the week to come. If you would rather read what they had to say, see below the video to take in the whole story. ...

Adventure Time: Play Jake's Tough Break

Adventure Time: Play Jake’s Tough Break

In support of Adventure Time’s fourth season, Cartoon Network has launched a new browser-based game featuring Jake and his magic hat, called Jake’s Tough Break. The game is a mixture of puzzle and platforming elements in the same vein as Braid and Mario VS Donkey Kong. ...

Jake's Tough Break

Jake’s Tough Break

On Monday, March 26, Cartoon Network will give fans of Adventure Time a new game to play with. Called Jake’s Tough Break, the new Adventure Time game puts players in the role of Jake, who has to use his removable extremities in order to track down the mighty Magic Man’s hat and break his curse. ...

It's Time for Season 4 of Adventure Time

It’s Time for Season 4 of Adventure Time

Adventure Time fans assemble! Cartoon Network’s hit animated comedy series will make its triumphant return as the show’s fourth season debuts on Monday, April 2, at 7:20 PM ET/PT. Fans of the show can expect the fourth season to bring back familiar characters, as well as introduce a new flame that will heat things up for Finn. Finn and Jake will also enter the Nightosphere, Lumpy Space ...

Adventure Time It Came From the Nightosphere

It Came from the Nightosphere

Sixteen random adventures fill the yellow packaging, ready to bring the lovable joy of Finn and Jake (and Marceline, and the Ice King, and Power Animal, etc.) your way. The Cartoon Network toon is among the most popular on the channel, with Emmy nominations to boot, sharing wondrous and imaginative stories with every viewer. And while this isn’t the Season One (or, Season One AND Two) ...

Incendium: the Season Finale of Adventure Time

Incendium: the Season Finale of Adventure Time

This Monday, it’s Adventure Time for the last time – at least in season three. Can you believe it? The season finale of Adventure Time is upon us. That means, until the new season kicks up, anytime you TOON in to Cartoon Network for the next few months for a new episode of Adventure Time, you’ll just have to do without. Sure, you could watch every episode all over again ... now has 11 pages of news and games!« First Page56789Last Page »

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