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Maurice LaMarche & Rob Paulsen Celebrate Pinky and The Brain 25th Anniversary at Keystone Comic Con

The inaugural Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia was the location for a very special 25th Anniversary this past weekend. Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche were welcomed as panelists for Pinky and The Brain, characters which first appeared on Animaniacs in September, 1993.

Pinky and the Brain was a recurring segment on Animaniacs, focusing on Pinky and The Brain, two genetically-spliced lab mice who come up with various plans to take over the world.

In 1995, Pinky and The Brain spun-off into their own series with the same title, that lasted until 1998. While they had their own series, they still appeared in various segments on Animaniacs.

Another sequel to the series, called Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain (adding Elmyra Duff), was not received as well from viewers.

Fans attending Keystone Comic Con were treated to an hour-long panel on Friday, learning Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche‘s history in voice acting, and the progression of events leading up to the first appearance of Pinky and The Brain, and the subsequent spin-off series.

Maurice LaMarche was so kind to share his famous “Frozen Peas” imitation of Orson Welles’ recording a commercial, which was parodied on Animaniacs, titled “Yes, Always,” with The Brain as Orson Welles and Pinky as the Director.

And Rob Paulsen was so kind to sing the “Countries of the World” song from Animaniacs (Yakko’s World).

At the end of the panel, both voice actors were presented with a birthday cake, with a “25” on the top, and we all sang “Happy Birthday” together, which was joyous.

Rob and Maurice also participated in a 90-minute Twisted Toonz panel on Saturday, where they performed a live-reading of an adapted version of Rocky (the Sylvester Stallone movie from 1976). Also on the panel were voice actors Troy Baker, Grey DeLisle (Griffin), Richard Horvitz, and Phil LaMarr.

All of the voice actors, including Rob and Maurice, had autograph tables, where the fans could meet the actors and get signed pictures and photographs. Having this intimate contact with the fans in Philly is where Maurice and Rob say they learned how important shows like Pinky and The Brain were to fans of all ages back in the 1990s.

You can hear more about all of this in Marc Morrell’s exclusive interview with Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche here on our ToonBarn YouTube Channel:

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