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Author: DarkRukia91

Majoring in art (Animation.) Drawing my own comics. Love video games! (wanna work for a certain company one day)

New Pokemon game for Nintendo 3DS: Pokedex 3D

New Pokemon game for Nintendo 3DS: Pokedex 3D

That’s right, a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS! Even though it’s only been a few months since the launch of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, we’re getting more Pokemon fun. This new game, titled Pokedex 3D, features all the new little critters from the Unova region, displaying the Pocket Monsters in 3D beside their stats and information. Even better – you can feature your Pokemon in YOUR reality with the AR cards! *Talk about amazing putting pokemon into reality, a dream come true!* The game will be ready to download in America June 6th, June 7th in Europe, via Nintendo’s e-shop. So for those of you who have the 3DS, be ready to download and catch em all!

Hanna-Barbera’s Top Cat 3D movie …Don Gato?

Hanna-Barbera's Top Cat 3D movie ...Don Gato?

Do you love cat’s? Do love cats that can walk and talk just like us? Do you like to see them in different colored clothes and go on wacky adventures? Well GUESS WHAT? Top Cat and his gang are back and is coming on to the big screen. In 3D but still in traditional 2D *Gasp, say what?!* But before we get into that, for all you kittens that don’t know about T.C. let’s dive into the history. That is, the history, and the details of the new movie! Read on!

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