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Author: Lindo Korchi

After realizing that writing was his 'native language,' Lindo set out on creating a novel. Eventually, he realized that it would be 'impossible' to make a career out of it - discarding his dream. It wasn't until he began writing for Anime Expo's news site, Inside AX, that he would discover the multitude of routes that journalism holds. Since that time, he's reclaimed his dream and has continued to hone his skills in the art of writing. While covering conventions, he found an additional art-form that he would fall in love with -- photography. Now the journey truly begins for our young warrior.

Upcoming “Attack on Titan” Figures Showcased at Wonfes

When it comes to extremely detailed sculpting, typically replicating anime and game characters, Japan ranks in at first place. To push the envelop even further, there’s an event dedicated to this very art, located in Chiba, Japan, and that’s the bi-annual sculpture event Winter Wonder Festival (Wonfes). If fans weren’t pleased with previous anime/game character figures, then chances are high that they’ll be pleased with the figures showcased during Wonfes.

Fan Artist Creates “Hunter x Hunter” Look-alikes Based on “Dragon Ball Z”

Even though Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball anime series has been off the air since 1997 (that’s also including Dragon Ball GT), it continues to influence modern day manga artists, including fans alike — and we have proof. Earlier today, fan artist by the name of “Takumi” uploaded a “fusion image” of Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter.

Crunchyroll Announces 26 New Anime Titles for the Winter 2014 Lineup

  by Lindo Korchi

Anime fans will be excited to hear that Crunchryoll announced a total of 27 new anime titles that will be launched during the Winter 2014 Lineup. We’ve seen a few anime titles rise to popularity during previous lineups, such as Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, but that was during 2013. Now that we’ve entered 2014, will any of the new anime titles, from here on out, surpass the popular 2013 titles, or will they fall short? We’ll have to wait in order to find out. In the meantime, here are the anime simulcast titles for 2014, so far:

VIZ Media Asks Fans to Choose the Winner for the “Shonen Jump Manga Competition”

North America’s most recognized Japanese entertainment company, VIZ Media, announced in May that Shueisha would be launching a manga competition to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump. The competition accepted manga entries in Chinese, English, and Japanese — all by October 1, 2013.

After seven months of endless “training”, dedication, and sleepless nights, the artists will see if they’ve attained the necessary skills to be deemed worthy of Shonen Jump quality.

On Friday, VIZ Media revealed the six finalists — but with a twist that wasn’t previously revealed. Shonen Jump will refrain from choosing the grand prize winner; it’s the fans who will judge all six entries and vote for the manga they believe is SJ quality. The artists, along with their manga titles, are listed below:

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