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Why is “Dragon Ball Z” Such a Popular Anime Series? [Review]

Whether you obsess over anime, or dread it’s existence, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Dragon Ball Z. The series is among the most well known in the world. Heck, it even pushed the anime industry’s growth and popularity in North America before Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh came aboard. Many of today’s popular manga artists, such as those responsible for One Piece, ...


“Hunter x Hunter” (2011) Episode 116 Anime Review [The Personality Change]

I’m not sure if I watched Hunter x Hunter episode 116 or if I just finished watching an over exaggerated theatrical play. I doubt Crunchyroll would ever upload a fan video to portray an actual episode, so, unfortunately, I just finished watching a play. What’s truly aggravating is Neferpitou’s current position in this episode. The same psychopathic, merciless villain who ...


Upcoming “Attack on Titan” Figures Showcased at Wonfes

When it comes to extremely detailed sculpting, typically replicating anime and game characters, Japan ranks in at first place. To push the envelop even further, there’s an event dedicated to this very art, located in Chiba, Japan, and that’s the bi-annual sculpture event Winter Wonder Festival (Wonfes). If fans weren’t pleased with previous anime/game character figures, then ...


Crunchyroll Announces 26 New Anime Titles for the Winter 2014 Lineup

  by Lindo Korchi Anime fans will be excited to hear that Crunchryoll announced a total of 27 new anime titles that will be launched during the Winter 2014 Lineup. We’ve seen a few anime titles rise to popularity during previous lineups, such as Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill, but that was during 2013. Now that we’ve entered 2014, will any of the new anime titles, from here on ...


Crunchyroll Announces Ongoing Anime Titles for the Winter 2014 Lineup

  by Lindo Korchi Crunchyroll users will be excited to hear that many of their favorite anime titles from the Fall 2013 Lineup will continue to run during Crunchyroll’s Winter 2014 Lineup. And yes, that includes the almighty Kiryuuin-Matoi confrontation/battle from Kill la Kill. Below marks the ongoing series that will make their mark for the winter season. We may finally be able to see ...


Hiro Mashima Looks Back at 2013 and Welcomes the New Year of 2014

   by Lindo Korchi The year of 2013 has been a roller coaster ride for both Fairy Tail fans and the mangaka himself, Hiro Mashima. During the beginning of 2013, Fairy Tail was in the middle of season four, known as the Grand Magic Games arc, a grand tournament of Fairy Tail‘s most recognized characters, along with new foes, battling it out. It’s like the characters of Naruto ...


“Fairy Tail” Anime Returns with a New Staff and New Studio in April 2014

Fairy Tail fans may need to take a flight to New York City, dance exaggeratedly on the streets of Times Square to express their excitement, and return home — or will I be the only one? In March, the anime adaptation of Fairy Tail was reported to end with episode 175. No further information was given as to why the anime was cancelled since it received such high praise. Shortly after the sad ...


VIZ Media Asks Fans to Choose the Winner for the “Shonen Jump Manga Competition”

North America’s most recognized Japanese entertainment company, VIZ Media, announced in May that Shueisha would be launching a manga competition to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump. The competition accepted manga entries in Chinese, English, and Japanese — all by October 1, 2013. After seven months of endless “training”, dedication, and sleepless ...

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