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Family Guy Creator Doesn’t Mind Wrapping-up the Show

No more Peter? So long Stewie? Could it be that one of the most iconic prime time cartoons in the past decade is finally calling it quits? It certainly looks that way – at least from the perspective of the folks behind the show. In a recent Hollywood Reporter cover story, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane states that he doesn’t mind if his long-running and critically-acclaimed ...

Starship Troopers

New Starship Troopers Anime Planned for Summer 2012

A new promo site for Starship Troopers: Invasion was recently launched by Sony Pictures, which has confirmed former rumors about an anime sequel to the Paul Verhoeven adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s novel about militaristic mecha versus biggie icky poo crawlies. Shinji Aramaki (of Megazone 23, Robotech, and Transformers fame) is set to provide the same direction he previously gave to the ...

Pooch Cafe

Pooch Cafe To Get its Own CG Feature

With the success of The Smurfs and Gnomeo and Juliet, studios are starting to realize just how lucrative CG films are, and have started snatching licenses to adapt left and right. One of the recently rumored adaptations is Paul Gilligan’s Pooch Cafe, which is a daily strip that follows the neurotic and crazy adventures of a dog named Poncho. ...


CG-Animated Farmville Movie Adaptation a Possibility

Whether it’s a straight adaptation of an existing franchise like Street Fighter or a film like Scott Pilgrim VS the World, which simply borrows heavily from popular gaming tropes and concepts, Hollywood is no stranger to videogame-to-movie adaptations. But these adaptations are live-action, and tend to focus more on heavy console-based franchises than games based on lighter fare, and ... now has 428 pages of news and games!« First Page424425426427428

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