Disney Phineas & Ferb

Phineas and Ferb creators developing feature film, spinoff for Disney

Popular Disney Channel show “Phineas and Ferb” are getting a big screen revamp. The TV series is expected to take the leap and move onto the big screen after show Co-Creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh inked new deals to produce further TV episodes as well as a Movie. Under the terms of the new […]

The Simpsons

Ricky Gervais as Billy Finn in Family Guy’s Be Careful What You Fish For

“The Office” Legend Ricky Gervais is due to make a Guest Appearance in the upcoming season of Family Guy. Following his two appearances in “The Simpson’s” Ricky is taking his considerable talents over to Family Guy to play a dolphin called “Billy Finn”. Ricky had this to say about his upcoming appearance: “Family Guy is […]

Cartoon Network Disney Looney Tunes

Warner Bros. features Looney Tunes 3D Theatrical Shorts

Warner Bros. announced that they will be releasing 3 new Looney Tunes theatrical shorts later on this year. Following hot on the heel’s of the recent re-release of Looney Tunes the TV series on Cartoon Network, these 3D shorts are no doubt a clever ploy by Warner Bros. to help gain more fans for the […]

Other Cartoons

First Look at Happy Feet 2 Trailer

The original Happy Feet grossed over $400 million and it won the best animated feature Oscar. That’s an awful lot to live up to for “Happy Feet 2”, but judging by the newly released trailer, this one – or should I say 2 – will be a winner. Check out the latest teaser trailer for […]

Iron Man Spider-Man

Production Halted on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s TV Series The Governator

A few weeks back, we told you about The Governator, an upcoming project between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee. Unfortunately, a few things have changed between then and now, including some recent revelations from Arnold’s personal life. Because of that, his recent TV project The Governator has been placed on hold. The collaboration with comic […]