The Hub 2011-2012 toons: Transformers, Littlest Pet Shop, Batman

When The Hub premiered on our television screens, it graced us with old cartoons that we know and love. We’re talking G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Conan the Adventurer, Men in Black: The series, Batman Beyond, Transformers Generation 1, and others. But they didn’t limit their offerings to 80’s and 90’s cartoons — instead, […]

4kids Sonic the Hedgehog Toonbarn TV

Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfilm in the works

Since Sonic’s 20th Anniversary isĀ arriving, why not celebrate the blue Hedgehog with an awesome fanfilm? Eddie Lebron, writer and director of the amazing feature length “Megaman” fanfilm, decided he’d deliver just that, and recently announced that feature our favorite Blue blur! The film will be a non-profit 10-20 minute short, free to download andĀ to watch. […]