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The Legend of Korra: Republic City Hustle Part 3


Nickelodeon has finally released the last part of their three-part short video series “Republic City Hustle,” which is a spin-off of The Legend of Korra. The three-part webisode series offers fans a rare peek at Mako and Bolin’s childhood.

The short is set three years prior to the start of The Legend of Korra, and follows Mako and Bolin as they try to make ends meet through small time hustling and working with the Triple Threat Triads, placing bets for Pro-Bending matches. The short tells the story of how Bolin meets Pabu, and how the pair went from almost becoming criminals to earning an opportunity to train with the Pro-Bending legend, Toza. You can check out a non-exclusive clip, in which Mako and Bolin make a bet that could change the game forever, below:

The full episode can be viewed over at Nickelodeon’s official site:

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