Nick Launches Legend of Korra Avatar Line for the Xbox Live Marketplace

Nick Launches Legend of Korra Avatar Line for the Xbox Live Marketplace

Nickelodeon has just announced the launch of a new line of Avatars based on..urhm…the latest Avatar, Korra, for the Xbox Live Marketplace. This should be a nice way to reassure fans that the franchise is still healthy and will be around for some time, despite Nick seemingly rushing Book 2 this month. The new Legend of Korra avatar line will allow gamers and fans to customize their avatars with various apparel, character props, bending powers, t-shirts, and costumes (including Korra’s signature outfit) inspired by the hit animated action series.

The avatar line was developed specifically by The Legend of Korra series creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Kunietzko, and are already available for purchase and download at the Xbox Live Marketplace. he line features 10 downloadable items, ranging from $1.00 – $4.99. Additionally, the collection will be available on Xbox One, next month.

“We are thrilled to release The Legend of Korra Avatar line for Xbox Live Marketplace,” said Sherice Torres, Senior Vice President of Entertainment Products, Nickelodeon Consumer Products. “These avatars give fans yet another way to interact with one of their favorite properties.”

The Legend of Korra Avatar Line features:

Costumes: Korra, Mako and Bolin
Props: Air-bending, water-bending, fire-bending and earth-bending
Apparel: Women and Men t-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps

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