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The Legend of Korra Full Series Available on and the Nick App This Month

Fans of the Avatar franchise, particularly its second iteration will have something really cool to watch this entire November: It has been announced that the entire Legend of Korra series will be made available on the Nick App and until November 30.

An overview of the series that fans can watch:

  • Book 1: Air, Korra struggles to fight an anti-bender movement led by the mysterious masked leader, Amon.
  • Book 2: Spirits, Korra and Team Avatar embark on a new journey deep into the mythology of the mystical Spirit World to defeat a dark spirit once and for all.
  • Book 3: Change, the world enters a new age when Airbenders begin to reappear and Korra finds herself pitted against a group of dangerous criminals seeking to overthrow not only governments, but the Avatar herself.
  • Book 4: Balance, Avatar Korra is now broken and bruised and begins a journey of self-discovery and survival in a new world where the strong prey upon the weak. When an aggressive military force rises up led by the power hungry Kuvira, the fate of the Earth Kingdom hangs in the balance and only the Avatar can set things right.
  • Additionally, fans can also watch three new vdeos called “Legend of Korra: Every Bend Ever” Book 1 and Book 2, and 12 Best Moments. There’s also a new game called The Legend of Korra: Epic Trivia Quest, which aims to test the full extent of a fan’s knowledge of the series.

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