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The Avengers Sequel’s Title Finally Confirmed at Comic-Con


One of the key highlights of Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con panel is the announcement regarding the Avengers sequel’s official title: Avengers: Age of Ultron. The reveal is completely unexpected for a few reasons; first is that everybody was expecting Thanos to be the big baddie, mainly because the mad titan was featured in the previous movie’s after credits scene, and the fact that people no longer believe studios when they deny something (Marvel has previously denied that Thanos will be the big bad). Another reason is that Age of Ultron is a pretty recent story arc in the comics.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Age of Ultron is a 10-issue miniseries that has our heroes being whisked away to an alternate future where superheroes are now hiding from an all-powerful Ultron, who seems to have gained control of the Sentinels. They then came up with a scheme to stop Ultron from the future in order to prevent him from attacking the heroes in the present, but Wolverine goes off on his own and travels to the past, so that he can stop Henry Pym from creating Ultron in the first place.

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