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1939 Batman comic sells for more than $1M

1939 Batman comic sells for more than $1M

Who would have thought that a single comic book could be worth a million dollars. Who would two comic books could be worth a million dollars? Well, that’s exactly what took place recently, as two books featuring DC Comics superheros sold for insanely large piles of cash. A 1939 copy of Detective Comics #27 starring Batman sold for almost $1.1 million dollars, just days after a 1938 copy of Action Comics #1 starring Superman sold for $1million. The 70 year old books are incredibly rare, particularly those in good condition, as it is thought there are less than 5 of each. We’ve seen Superman and Batman face off before, but there’s not that many people rich enough to have pulled this off. We’re starting to think Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, and his vast fortune, may have kicked in a few extra thousand bucks. Pretty sneaky having Batman beat Superman, Mr. Wayne.


Superman Action Comics #1

Batman Detective Comics 27

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