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Batman Stop Motion Fanfilm: Dark KnightFall

Batman Stop Motion Fanfilm: Dark KnightFall

So you’ve just watched The Dark Knight Rises, you know that it’s the last time you’ll see Christopher Nolan’s Batman, and you’re a little bit sad at the realization that the next big screen Batman may be a lighter take in order to make him fit in with the possible Justice League movie (think of a Batman who lives in the same movie universe as Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern…yeah.)

But wait, the adventures of the Dark Knight version of our favorite caped crusader doesn’t have to end with Nolan’s trilogy. A couple of Hong Kong based directors named Derek Kwok and Henri Wong (of Parabucks co.) has brought to live the gritty, edgy Batman mired in semi-realism while using an ironically surrealistic style of animation – stop motion using action figures.

The short fan film is titled Batman: Dark Knightfall and clocks in at 6 minutes, featuring some of the best Batman-related fight scenes you’ll see in a stop-motion film. Chalk it up to the quality of the toys being used, but it could almost pass off as footage from the movie (see the screenshot above) if it weren’t for the jerky movements inherent in stop-mocap.

BATMAN : DARK KNIGHTFALL (HD full version) from Parabucks on Vimeo.

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