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Batman vs. Superman Will Feature Bat-Drones?

Batman vs. Superman Will Feature Bat-Drones?

Warner exec Daniel Alter has recently sent Geekdom into a frenzied speculative storm via a single tweet that may have revealed a small piece of plot info for Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman.

Based on Alter’s tweet, Batman will start the movie in a semi-retired state, no longer speaking to Robin, and has been fighting crime through the use of remote-controlled drones:

Astute fans will know that Bat-Drones are by no means a new thing, and has been part of various Batman stories in the past with the most notable case being their appearance in Kingdom Come. The OMACs can also be described as bat-drones, if we stretch the definition a bit and we discount the fact that they don’t look like bats and are no longer in Bruce’s control when they appeared.

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