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Ben Affleck Cast as Batman

ben affleck batman

Warner Bros. has recently announced that they have finally found the actor to play Batman in their upcoming sequel to Man of Steel: Ben Affleck. The news was soon buried under the negative reactions of fans from all over the Internet, to the point that the reactions became even bigger news than the casting announcement itself. Yep, Warner managed to out-Bay Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles announcement.

We here at Toonbarn don’t necessarily believe that Warner is infallible when it comes to casting decisions. One look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern is enough to show you that yes – they can make mistakes. However, we’ll reserve judgment until we actually see something substantial. Although we do wonder what was in the mind of the person who suggested Ben Affleck, and whether he was aware of the Daredevil movie and fans’ reaction to said movie. Maybe they saw how much everybody loved Ben Affleck’s Argo and thought:

“They love him now. Let’s cast him as Batman.”

Neil Raymundo

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  1. toyninja toyninja

    I think Ben Affleck looks the part of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Daredevil movie was a mistake from the get go, with or without Ben Affleck. Bad script, bad directing, bad everything.

    I can’t say it’s a good move to cast Ben as Batman, but it isn’t bad either. He can’t be worse than the worst Batman to date (George Clooney), that I believe.

  2. Neil Raymundo Neil Raymundo

    Hi toyninja!

    You make a great point. It’s also worth noting that Bruce Wayne, depending on the writer, isn’t really meant to be as likeable as his Batman persona. The dude poses as a rich playboy who frequently dances around the line that separates “jerk” from “confident.”

    If Batfleck can come off as the kind of prettyboy jerk that he plays in some of his old View Askew stints, it could make for a really good Bruce Wayne especially when juxtaposed with the verbatim portrayal of a silent, brooding caped crusader.

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