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New Beware the Batman Clips: Safe


Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network have recently released a couple of non-exclusive clips for this week’s episode of Beware the Batman, titled “Safe,” which is scheduled to air on Saturday, August 3 at 10:00 AM ET/PT on Cartoon Network. You can check out the two clips below:

The episode will feature Matthew Lillard lending his voice to the brilliant scientist Dr. Jason Burr, who’s just been hired by Bruce Wayne to work on a new device capable of solving the world’s energy crisis, dubbed The Ion Cortex. However, the announcement of the project has attracted the attention of one of the most dangerous organizations in the world: the League of Assassins.

The League sends out one of its deadly assassins, Silver Monkey (voiced by James Remar) to attack Wayne Manor and kidnap Burr. With Batman away, it is up to Alfred and Katana to keep the assassin at bay until the caped crusader’s return. It seems that Katana is up to the task, though, and this time it seems like it’s personal as her legendary Soultaker sword was originally a weapon she stole from the League of Assassins.

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