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New Clip from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

New Clip from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

We’re mere days away from the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1, and Warner Bros. doesn’t want you to forget that fact, which is why they released a new clip from the movie.

Directed by Jay Oliva, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 is writer Bob Goodman’s animated adaptation of the classic Frank Miller graphic novel, which focuses on a future version of Gotham City, which is beset by a gang of mutant criminals and without the protection of the Batman. In said alternate future, Bruce Wayne has already retired the cowl due to overwhelming guilt from an incident that led to the death of one of his enemies. It also doesn’t help that Bruce’s age has started to catch up with him, his body no longer limber nor strong enough to do the Batman’s job effectively.

Unfortunately for Bruce, the return of Harvey Dent’s alter ego (despite being cured physically and mentally), along with a spate of new criminal activity proves that Gotham simply can’t do without its protector.

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