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New DC Nation Clip: Super Pets – World’s Finest Bark


A New DC Nation clip has just been released, this time we’re back to the animal-themed sketches. Titled “Super Pets – World’s Finest Bark,” which depicts Superman and Batman as super-powered canines.

In the clip, we get a little bit of banter between the two heroes, where they reveal that they don’t talk when there are humans present. Additionally, the two superpets are currently stationed on a roof somewhere, waiting for the Green Lantern to arrive.

The Super dog (krypto?) expresses excitement at meeting a new hero, despite initial misgivings about meeting a human (the “they don’t talk to humans part,”) but Bat dog (ace) reassures him that Green Lantern is an animal as well. Super Dog was very vocal about wanting to meet a “dog lantern,” only to be surprised when the emerald hero has arrived and turned out to be a squirrel. Anybody who has had a pet dog and seen their reactions to a squirrel knows that something hilarious is about to happen. You can check out the clip below:

Sadly, the clip cuts out before we get to see Super dog’s true reaction. If you want to find out, you’ll have to tune in this week on the Cartoon Network at 10 AM ET/PT

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