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New Documentary About The Batman: Legends of the Knight

legends of the knight

Starting next month, filmmaker Brett Culp will be taking his latest indie documentary titled ‘Legends of the Knight’ on a screening tour across the country. The proceeds for the screening will be going to a local charity in the community where each screening will be held.

Legends of the Knight (tagline: Batman has shaped us, we have shaped Batman) focuses on real-life heroes, including The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises producer Michael Uslan, setting out to prove that any person can be Batman and make a difference in the lives of other people.

Legends of the Knight will feature various uplifting true stories of individuals who were in some way inspired by their childhood love of Batman in order to overcome personal, emotional, and physical hindrances in order to turn into real life heroes.

“At some point, every child dreams of being a superhero,” said Culp. “They put on a cape and imagine that they have the power to change the world. Along the way, many of us lose our faith that this can be true. ‘Legends of the Knight’ is a return to our childhood dreams of being a hero. Culp says, “Our goal is to inspire everyone on the planet who loves Batman to embody his spirit, engage with the world, and make a difference.”

In February 2014, Culp, who is both the producer and director of Legends of the Knight, will partner with to launch a charity campaign, enabling Batfans across the country to request a screening of the film in the local theater via the film’s website. The filmmaker’s proceeds from each screening will benefit a local charity. This unique partnership with allows Batfans to spread the word themselves through social media and community outreach. Ticket Reservations are required and each theater requires a certain number of reserved seats to confirm the movie event. All showtimes are one-night, one-time only events. Learn more at

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