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E3 2011: Batman Arkham City on PS3, Xbox360, PC, and Wii U

E3 2011: Batman Arkham City on PS3, Xbox360, PC, and Wii U

The Dark Knight Rises! …in video games! At E3 2011, one of the most anticipated games of the year is on display, Batman: Arkham City. The new Batman game was announced for the PS3, Xbox360, PC and soon to be Wii 2, now called Nintendo Wii U. You heard it! Batman is back and is roaming around Gotham’s Arkham City this time. And – whats this?! Catwoman is now a playable character? That’s right, you can now play as Catwoman in the game.

Batman and Catwoman Arkham City

Fans got to play as Selina Kyle on the Expo show floor. The demo featured Batman approaching a group of cats, then selected to “take a break” from the menu. This triggered a cutscene with Catwoman leaping from the shadows, and letting the gamer take control of her for a while. Check it!


What else is new? Detective mode has brand new features, brand new tools and weapons that Batman can use at his disposal. Batman can now go through all of Arkham City by either walking or in a brand new feature of gliding. Also when he’s fighting a couple of “clowned, twofaced, or penguin henchmen” he can now counter two or more people at the same time.


The game is said to be released October 18th 2011.


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