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Fanvideo – Batman: Seeds of Arkham

Batman: Seeds of Arkham isn’t entirely new (in fact, it’s almost 3 years old by the time this blog goes live), but it still deserves a blog post because, hey – it’s Batman! And it shows what a group of people can do on a limited budget if they really love a franchise. I also did a search on the site and saw that there’s no post about it yet, which is a shame because Toonbarn fans (many of whom are Batman fans, judging by the search keywords that lead them here) deserve to know about Bat in the Sun Productions.

The Youtube video basically describes Batman: Seeds of Arkham as “Batman vs. Killer Croc and Poison Ivy,” and it’s exactly like that – the fanfilm follows the events of Bat in the Sun’s previous fan film, City of Scars, which had the Joker *SPOILERS* dead by the end. So with the clown prince of gotham dead, various criminals from Gotham’s underworld have crawled out of the woodwork, including the aforementioned Killer Croc and Poison Ivy.

You can check out the fan film below:


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