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Holy 20th Anniversary, Batman!

Holy 20th Anniversary, Batman!

The classic cartoon adaptation of the caped crusader’s adventures, Batman: The Animated Series, celebrated its 20th Anniversary last September 5, Wednesday. With 109 episodes under its belt, it successfully captured the dark undertones underneath the Batman mythos without resorting to cheap, over the top violence or sexual content.

Batman: The Animated Series was launched back in 1992, and was the first of the Warner Bros. DC comics-centric animation lineup that will go on to spawn other shows such as Superman: The Animated Series’ (1996), ‘Batman Beyond’ (1999), ‘Static Shock’ (2000), ‘Justice League’ (2001), ‘Justice League Unlimited’ (2004), and several feature-length films based in the same continuity. DC fan or not, BTAS was one of the best animated shows on the air, winning four Emmy awards and an entire generation of devout followers.

BTAS is also responsible for kickstarting the voice talent careers of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, who lent their voices to Bruce Wayne (and Batman) and the Joker, who both had healthy careers before the BTAS gig but went on to become synonymous with the characters, voicing them in other shows, and even in the recent Batman video games.

Batman the Animated Series is currently re-airing its episodes on The Hub. If you were too young to have watched it before, or you just want to relive the BTAS experience, there’s no better time than the present.

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