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Jason Momoa to Play Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Former Game of Thrones cast Jason Momoa is reportedly locked in to play the king of the seas, Aquaman, in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as the planned Justice League film. Now, considering how well the Ben Affleck turned out to be (based on the images of the actor in costume released,) we’ll be giving Momoa’s casting a little bit of slack, even though we find it curious that DC has cast one of the few actors in Hollywood who looks a lot like Lobo as Aquaman.

It has been reported that Momoa’s Aquaman in the story (which bears a different name in the script) is not too happy with the destruction unleashed upon the Indian Ocean as a result of Zod’s World Engine during the events in Man of Steel. But don’t worry about his story taking up precious time away from the main plot, as it’s been said that the appearances of the other heroes (like Wonder Woman and Cyborg) will be brief, serving as jumping off points for the future Justice League film.



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