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LEGO Batman Gets His Own Film

One of the high points of the LEGO movie was the appearance of LEGO Batman, who provided some of the funniest moments in a film full of hilarious moments. It turns out that Warner Bros. is capable of seeing if they have something good on their hands, as they have recently announced that the deadpan and subtly heroic LEGO Batman will be getting his own film.

Actor Will Arnett will be returning to lend his voice to the self-obsessed, sarcastic, and scene stealing LEGO version of the Dark Knight, with LEGO Movie animation supervisor Chris McKay sitting on the director’s chair. The only bad news (if it can ever be considered as such) to come out of this announcement is that the LEGO Movie sequel will be pushed back. LEGO Batman will be taking over the top spot in the studio’s priority list with a 2017 release window.


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