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New Superman film on the way, with Batman’s help

New Superman film on the way, with Batman's help

Batman has had two very successful films recently; The Dark Knight became one of the highest grossing films of all time. After Superman Returns, Warner Bros and DC Comics are hoping to get the Superman franchise headed in the right direction, and they’re looking to their Batfriend for help. Warner and DC have reportedly turned to Christopher Nolan, the genius behind the latest Batfilms, to mentor development of the Superfilms. Along with his brother Jonathan and David Goyer, Chris is hard at work on a third Batman film, but the group would likely be along for Superman’s new look, as well. The film would not necessarily be a sequel to Superman Returns, but maybe a completely new reboot, not unlike the new future for Spider-Man. So, what do you think? Could this work? And would it give us a Batman and Superman team up movie to look forward to?

With the momentum behind The Dark Knight leading up to DC Entertainment’s newest production, Green Lantern, the talk of Superman’s next film is really heating up.

Warner Bros. Has a lot of history in the Superman movie franchise. Superman: The Movie and Superman II were critical and financial successes, not to mention fan favorites. The flicks partnered Ilya and Alexander Salkind, and of course starred Superman icon Christopher Reeve. The 1983 and 87 films, parts III and IV, didn’t live up to the same level, leaving a 19 year gap between those and 2006’s Superman Returns. This new film wouldn’t hit theaters until at least 2011, more likely 2012.

This isn’t the first time development on a Superman film has been reported. In 1997, Warner Bros. looked to help from another Batman director, Tim Burton, for much of the same reason as they’re now looking to Nolan — he did so much for Batman, maybe he could help for the Man of Steel. But that long fizzled, keeping the franchise dormant until 2004, when Lost and Star Trek genius, J.J. Abrams, was given a chance to talk it up. Abrams envisioned a three-part Superstory, but that, too, gave way for a number of reasons. That’s when Bryan Singer and Brandon Routhe’s Superman Returns took shape.

Where this new one could go… no one seems to know. But guessing sure is fun 🙂

New Superman film poster, Superman goes dark

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