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BTAS Secrets – Ice of Heart

One of the more beloved episodes of the entire Batman: the Animated Series run was the retelling of Mr. Freeze’s origin, Heart of Ice.  The story was action oriented at times, while also featuring sleuthy detective work, however it was mostly known as a heart-felt tale of love lost.  The final scene of the episode is especially note worthy; Dr. Victor Fries, alone in his cell, sadly ...


Toy Story 3 details – Ken and Barbie?

Toy Story 3 is still a few years away (June 18, 2010, to be exact) but casting rumors have already begun to trickle in — including a special appearance by Mattel’s Ken and Barbie.  Jodi Benson, who provides Ariel with her beautiful voice in The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning, is reportedly voicing Barbie, while Ken is being voiced by Michael Keaton, a former Batman.  ...


Can we have a Batman / Superman animated movie?

With Batman’s “The Dark Knight” hitting $500 million today, there has been a great deal of news trickling out of Warner Bros. about plans for more superhero movies. Specifically, what about Batman’s pal, Superman? There was a live-action Superman movie a few years ago, which, at the time, started to circulate rumors of a movie with Batman and Superman.  Now that there ...


BTAS Secrets – Riddle me this

It’s no secret: The Riddler has always been one of Batman’s most popular villains — he’s clever, he’s slick, he’s covered in green, and loves himself question marks!  That’s… pretty odd.  But what can you say, he’s a riddle!  Edward E. Nigma (which breaks down to “E – Nigma”, another word for a puzzle or riddle) has been ...


BTAS Secrets – Ra’s Al Ghul’s Daddy

Ra’s Al Ghul is one of Batman’s fiercest and most unique villains.  He does not conform to Gotham’s standard rogue lot, with colorful flare or traditional gimmicks.  In fact, Ra’s does not always confront Batman alone, but rather leading an entire league — the league of Shadows — whose members bow to their leader, “the Demon’s Head.”  No ...


Disney XD is coming!

Disney XD will soon be born!  The Disney Channel will relaunch Toon Disney as Disney XD this coming February.  You’ll be able to check out animated and live action shows, TV movies, and some sports programs brought in by ESPN.  Some shows to appear on the channel include: Aaron Stone, a live-action show that revolves around a video game playing prodigy who is secretly also a crime ...


BTAS Secrets – Two Face’s voice

In ToonBarn’s “BTAS Secrets” series, we knew that the second post had to be about Two-Face.   (We don’t want him mad at us!)  Aaron Eckhart’s wonderful portrayal of Two-Face in “The Dark Knight” is all the rage today, but it wasn’t all that long ago when Batman the Animated Series showed how to treat the character right. It is well-known that ...


Batman: the Brave and the Bold Trailer

Check out the trailer for the new series, Batman: the Brave and the Bold! Personally, I prefer the darker look to some of the other Batman cartoons (especially “Batman: the Animated Series“) but the animation looks pretty sleek on this show. Might be good for a watch or two! What do you ...


BTAS Secrets – The Joker’s eyes

So what is such a secret about the Joker’s eyes?  Batman the Animated Series actually existed on two networks — the first few years were run on Fox, and then it moved over to the WB.  During the change, nearly every character received a dramatic makeover to show a new style.  Batman’s cape and cowl, for example, went from a bulky blue to a sleek black.  Scarecrow went from ...


BTAS Secrets – 6 untold stories of Batman: The Animated Series

Batfans have long-since studied every aspect of Batman: The Animated Series, the Emmy Award winning 90’s Batman cartoon, becoming familiar with the dark style, voice actors, themes, batgadgets, etc.  And yet, still, there are a number of aspects about the show that are secret, unknown, rarely talked about, forgotten, or otherwise unheard of. Well we’re going to undo that! In honor ...


New info on “The Brave and the Bold”

Batman (yay!) is going to have yet ANOTHER cartoon (more yay!) pretty soon, called “The Brave and the Bold” and co-starring some of his super pals, like Aquaman and Green Arrow.  The new toon will debut on Cartoon Network in the next few months, but get a sneak peek in an interview at BigShinyRobot where the show’s director Ben Jones spills the story. [Source: ...


Batman Gotham Knight

Batman Gotham Knight comes out on DVD this week, and I am SO buying it!  It features a number of stories that take place between the two live-action films, Batman Begins from 2005, and Batman: The Dark Knight, which comes out in another few weeks… which I also can’t wait for!  Who is with ... now has 21 pages of news and games!« First Page1718192021

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