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Spider-Man Beats Batman in China

Spider-Man Beats Batman in China

In order to put a restriction on the grosses of foreign movies, China Film Group has chosen to open Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man on the same day as Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises last Monday, August 17 in China. While both comic book-based movies fared well on the box office, it is interesting to note that Spider-Man managed to outdo The Dark Knight Rises with its $5.46 million cume, compared to the Dark Knigth’s $4.45 million.

One possible reason for Spider-Man’s advantage may be the fact that it opened in 2,515 locations while Batman only opened in 2,400. Amazing Spider-Man also cost more because it’s in 3D, which has higher priced tickets (The Dark Knight doesn’t have any 3D showings, as Nolan chose to shoot for IMAX instead).

Neither of the two competing superhero films (even combined) managed to break the single-day record for the same target audience in China, which is currently held by Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The Michael Bay CG blockbuster managed to reach $15.9 million back in 2011.

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