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Superman Batman Apocalypse features Superman and Batman On Apocalypse

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse features Superman and Batman. On Apocalypse.

Superman Batman Apocalypse features Superman and Batman On Apocalypse

Apocalypse is not a nice place. I mean, your first clue is probably the name. “Apocalypse” doesn’t exactly have the feel of “Beach Front resort.” If that didn’t define the place well enough, just look at it! It’s red and black and decaying and covered in billowing smoke and fire and zombie-like slaves and hordes of freaky parademons… not fun. No wonder Superman looks all angry up there – someone rearranged his travel plans! He’s not alone, though. In the full scene (which we’ve got, below!) Supes is standing side by side with Batman, Wonder Woman, and his cousin Kara, better known as Supergirl, as the foursome does battle with Apocalypse’s Darkseid and Granny Goodness for the fate of the universe. And, I guess, some beach front timeshare somewhere. Those details aren’t fully known yet. Maybe the upcoming Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Blu-ray and DVD will shed some light on the situation when Warner Bros. releases it September 28th!


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