Warner Bros. offers a sneak peek of Batman: Under the Red Hood

Warner Bros. offers a sneak peek of Batman: Under the Red Hood

On July 27th, the DC Comics Universe will expand to video once again, as Warner Bros. debuts the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood. Produced by Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League vet Bruce Timm, the film depicts Batman going toe-to-toe against his former sidekick, Jason Todd, the second Robin. Starring the voice talents of Bruce Greenwood, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jensen Ackles, the direct-to-DVD disc joins a long line of successful Warner Premier efforts, like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern: First Flight. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait another full month to get a look at the animated style, as DC has ushered out a sneak peek clip. Check it out!


About the Film:
Loosely based on the Batman story arc “Under the Hood”, the story follows Batman and Dick Grayson – the original Boy Wonder now hero Nightwing – finding themselves being stalked by a mysterious yet familiar figure known as the vigilante Red Hood, who tries to rid Gotham City’s crimes without following the same ethics as its heroes and apparently knows all of their secrets. As the Dark Knight tries to unravel the true identity of his stalker, he must also battle three of his enemies: the Joker, the criminally insane Clown Prince of Crime who first wore the Red Hood cowl and was responsible for the murder of Batman’s second protégé Jason Todd; Ra’s al Ghul, the immortal international terrorist who is somehow connected to the Red Hood; and Black Mask, the notorious kingpin who is launching a campaign to take over all of Gotham City’s criminal underworld. When the Joker becomes involved in the conflict between Batman and the Red Hood, hard truths are revealed and old wounds reopened.

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