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Ben 10: Omniverse Art Style – Good or Bad?

Okay, Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Week has come and gone, and as promised, we got ourselves a sneak peek of the new addition to the Ben 10 franchise with Ben 10: Omniverse. It’s cool and all, with our resident galactic protector teaming up with his younger self (or is it the other way around? Time Travel discussion has always blown my mind!) for twice the action, but it seems that a lot of fans are disappointed with the new art style, which seems slightly deformed compared to the previous shows’.

Personally, the new art style didn’t bother me. I loved The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker even though its art style faced similar complaints for being too “kiddie”. And if we’re going to pick bones here, Batman: The Animated Series features one of the most serious depictions of the world’s greatest detective and you’ll be hardpressed to find anyone complaining about the show even though its art style contains certain caricatured elements, such as ridiculously large and angular jaws that are remniscent of old golden age comic strips, which looked shoddy because they need to be produced fast due to a newspaper’s tight deadlines.

What about you? Did you like the new Ben 10: Omniverse art style or not? Feel free to discuss it in the comments or in the Toonbarn forums.

Ben 10: Omniverse Art Style - Good or Bad?

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

By ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

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Thats b/c its kid link and it worked . This. . . this doesnt work with Ben10 though. . even though it’s funny it doesnt really go with the aliens etc. It’s fine to me if they made it cartoony. . but this is way too cartoony. Ben almost looks like shaggy and this is cartoonier than scooby-doo. if it doesnt bother you then w/e but for me it doesnt work with it. Now if it went back to the original Ben 10 as a kid then, it would have been fine. Like with Wind Waker. And Batman the animated series? Replace that with The Brave and the bold. . you cant really say anything about B:Animated series. . it worked well with it.

this is HORRIBLE! Ben 1o: alien force & ultimate was SOM MUCH BETTER i hate the new scooby doo design…. THUMBS DOWN:( Ben looks like he’s 10 kevin is an emo and gwen well.. she’s not so changed..

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously did they change it just to try something new? Because its not working for me at all. If they make a fifth season (I hope they do) I really really hope they change it back to the way it was in alien force and ultimate alien

The creatores were too lazy to draw… the whole Ben 10 franchise had detailed drawing, now a sudden change to cartoony style, I’m NOT happy. The art has lost its spark…

i hate the new style as i said before the new styloe will kill the franchise just like the Second season of the American Dragon Jake Long did as well. To go from a beeautiiful animation in previous seasons to a uglier cartoonish one never works and it never will

I HATE THE NEW LOOK!! just looking at how crap the Ben 10 animation looks makes me wonder how much ill be repulsed by the look of the aliens with the new art style. TIP to creates of new series he does not look 17 which hes supposed to be and if the art style doesn’t change back to the great detailed style that we love, you will lose mannnnnyyyyy viewers, like ME!!!.

action-“nerd watching tv then sees trailer of new ben 10”
“OMG!! i love this new baby style for 4 year olds!!!”
action-“bully comes over and beats up the nerd into a pulp since everyone hates the new ben 10 look.
“hey there”-announcer
“do you want to hate the new ben 10 look so that no one hates you anymore?”
“umm… yes?”
“then here is a dvd for you!!”
-action “dvd comes flying out of nowhere and hits nerd on the nose. Nerd puts dvd into a dvd player and watches dvd.”
“hello my name is himishotohukiterriakichevyhondacivic”
“and my name is… joe”
“today we will be showing you on how to hate the new look of ben 10.”
“first we shall show you the loud and unncesessary noises ben now makes.”
“then we show you how ben now loooks like shaggy from scooby-POO”
“then we show you how little ben looks even though he’s seventeen”
“if you would like us to tell you more why you should hate scoobydoo..I mean ben 10 then go to the extra credits.”
“now this is how it should look like after you took our lesson”
action- “nerd watches trailer again”
“ummm… i still like new style…”
action- joe pulls out gun from his pants which he was wearing and shoots nerd.



I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His Body look soooo Slim and look at his Omnitrix, looks more like a stupid watch, his hair looks like he hasn’t combed it for centuries!!! And look at that! Is that the new circus costume he’s wearing?

its alright. i loved alienforce and especially UA but now this is not good. man of action couldve done better. i personally wouldve loved it if they made the omniverse series generator rex style. wouldnt make sense since GR has a better look and has a much more advanced look. come on this is just plain sad. i seriously expected more.

I don’t care about the graphics so shut up losers because if you think of all the Ben 10 episodes in all the series’ they’ve had, then you will realize that it doesn’t matter so I was like you at first but looked back like I said to do.

I am a BIG fan of BEN 10 but I feel this art style is too bad as it was not a kind of animation in Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien Force & Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.It also made Ben look as he was too young although he was 16-years old.So, I feel that they have to change to former style of art as many of the BEN 10 fans wanted to do so.

@atluri videesa gowtham (chinnu) I do not believe the problem is that Ben looked too young the real problem is that children these days look much OLDER than they should. Ben looks like how a 16 year old would look for the most part. Anyway hey ToonBarn Rob do you know if Generator Rex and Bakugan Mechtimanium Surge are cancelled or just on hiatus?

I don’t have a problem with the style in general, like it said in the main article it is very reminiscent of golden age cartoons, I have a problem with 16y/o Ben’s depiction, he looks alot younger than he is in continuity. The style itself gives a childish appearance to all characters, but they should have worked harder to give the Ben 16y/o character an older appearance, I mean it is set to be after B10UA, he should look atleast as mature as that character, but he kind of looks 12? I think he should look older. Maybe it’s just me, and then again once we see the full series playout of Omniverse, it might be okay…

I hate the new style with a passion. Ben 10 use to be my favorite show, but I’m not watching Ben 10: Omniverse. I just can’t get passed the graphics. It sucks. I hate to say goodbye to Ben but I’d rather not watch crap than watch it just because it’s Ben. Hopefully the next Ben 10 after Omniverse will revert back to the style I’ve grown to love.

I hate the new season of ben omniverse, I liked more in ben 10 alien force and ben 10 AU, was my favorite TV show, I agree with you.
I do not agree with those who say that if this good … OK.
I hate everything … the animation, the omnitrix. to the name of the new season …
I no longer going to see ben 10. and if it is very sad for me and never see him again … maybe if they do it again as before. see him again.
unemployment look on the bright side I live in Mexico, the new season is coming in October … but I am so sad that you or more.
deveria be illegal to change a caricature of drastic so …..

I say goodbye forever ben 10 ………..

My dad is a part of the new ben 10 series artwork and I have seen the first episode it is amazing you should look forward to it it’s a great new show.

I’m a college student and I admit I still loved Ben 10. I use the past tense because I think I’m going to say goodbye here. Now Ben looks 10 again 🙁 Unless they change it back, they lost me as a viewer

I’m really disappointed in the new art for Ben 10 Omniverse. I loved the old style and the story line. I have a feeling I won’t be seeing this new series. If they decide to change it back I will be more than happy to call myself a fan of Ben 10 again!

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it…meaning if nobody was complaining about the art style there was no need to change it. My major grip was upon seeing Kevin, he looks like some frankenstein monster. Gwen is also very unattractive from the trailer I saw. Ben is supposed to be going on 17 but he looks way younger and acts that way too. If this is the route Omniverse goes, I’ll just be watching Thundercats, Green Lantern, Young Justice and Legend of Korra on Saturdays. It will not be missed.

I was super excited to learn there was a new continuation, but when I learned of the art style… it just ruins everything for me. I think the idea is in the right place, but the art style is everything. They’ve been trying to keep the same type of style since the original Ben 10, and changing it now three shows later is just… wrong. Ben seems extremely young even when he’s supposed to look 16, and I just hate it. I won’t be watching Omniverse and refuse to watch anything that may come after it unless they return to the old style. Heck, I don’t even really watch the live action movies because I prefer the way it was originally.

Honestly I was excited to know there’s a new Ben 10 sequel. Like most of the fans, I’M TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED with the poor art style. The plot is OK, a lot of us miss the younger Ben and having him back in the series is totally cool. The art style is a real turn down, despite all the good plot and characters. I hope they’ll change it to the Generator Rex art style. That’ll be way cool!

I absolutely HATE the new artwork. Ugh! It’s cartoonish-ness is on the level of Looney Tunes.

I just wonder how many episodes I can watch before the animation makes my eyes dissolve in their sockets. I’ll still watch it (albeit, not happily) for the sake of knowing what happens to Ben in his future adventures, but…yuck…that art style is just painful to look at. What is the point of changing it? Did the previous artists get fired or something? Did they die? What happened? Why not have the exact same art style as Alien Force and Ultimate Alien?

I am really disapointed in the new art style. When I first heard there was a new series of ben 10, I was like OMG YES!!1!111 but then i saw ben and my heart broke. I thought the ben 10 in alien force and UA force looked grown up, hot and on his way to becoming an adult. Now it looks like the cartoonists have compressed his head and starved him for the new shows.
They have lost many long term die hard ben 10 viewers. Although I shall still be a fan of the real ben 10, I can’t say you’ll catch me watching this washed up show.

The only reason why the artwork is bad is that the “Man of Action” died before UA was finished. They got a new guy to make Omniverse and the horrible Artwork we see.

I think that almost everybody here that is commenting are stupid, I like the Ben 10 franchise and a true fan wouldn’t give up on Ben 10 just because the artwork is not what you are used to seeing, I like the artwork it makes me think that this series is going to be awesome and funny, so what if Ben looks like he is 10 and Kevin looks like an emo(which is what he is supposed to look like) and Gwen looks ugly(I don’t like Gwens character in any Ben 10 series), it was fun when Ben was 10 so just give the series a chance because I bet it’s gonna be awesome.

I think you’re all crazy Cept for Ben thurs because they need to tO change the style cause 1. To match the omnitrix and 2. Cause they need to change it once and a while besides the first ep is cool funny impressing and awesome. forget about art get more into action!

I wasn’t aware that man of action died that’s the reason they changed the artwork. They should have found an animator with a closer style. The change is too drastic and I think this will kill the franchise in the end judging by the comments I’m seeing. I hope not Ben 10 is one of the best cartoons ive seen in this day and age. Nothing beats roccos modern life

I am a true Ben 10 fan and watched it since the first episode, since than it has become one of my favorite shows ever. I am always excited to see a new episode and see all new aliens and watch Ben progress into the man he is today. I’ve saw the preview to the new omniverse show and i am a little disppointed at the art and kevin’s new look but it won’t stop me from watching every single episode and enjoy the new aliens, characters, and the new concept and how the new omnitrix works. Because i’m a Ben 10 fan forever till the end. IT’S HERO TIME!!! So i’ll go along with this new show.

The cartooning is terrible. The new…. a chicken and a lego monster? Sounds like the creators are bored with the franchise and want to see it die!!!
The new Ben looks younger than the original. There was allot of ways to advance the Ben 10 story but this is backwards bad and a failure!

Its the cover and the content that brings me and others to this conclusion. A chicken? And a lego monster? Where’s Barney? Need a lavender dinosaur in the mix too? I understand loyalty and that’s great but the creators lost site if their loyalty to the fans. So sad, so bad.

There might be some bad things about the series like some of the concepts of the new aliens and villains, and how Ben is as skinny as a toothpick, and Kevin goes from the cool guy to a emo looking…guy. But there are also some good concepts like how they’re gonna show flashbacks to 10-year-old Ben to see how he turned out. Also the new charactet Rook is kinda cool. And not all the aliens are bad, like Gravattack, Feedback, and Sasquotch[if you don’t know who they are search them on the Ben 10 planet wiki website] and there are still alot more to come, besides Ben won’t have that concept forever.

If the creators wanted to watch the show die they wouldn’t go threw all this trouble to advertise and bring up our hopes just to burn all down smoke. They woulda ended it ultimate alien.

the new artwork makes me a little mad and its not because the fact that it’s bad artwork its because of the fact that Ben is suppose to be growing up and maturing into someone who is for the most part respectable when the show changed the first time to an older Ben his look matched his new attitude but when i look at this artwork all i can think about is how childish this is gonna be. i like Ben 10, always have. but if the new art style is any indication of how he’ll act now then i’m finished with this show

I am sorry that man of action died but the art style they choose is just horrible. They also cancelled Thundercats looks like the only show ill be watching is young justice. CN you gotta get your act together

Cartoon Network is smoking something illegal. Cancelled the Thundercats? Shame. Adventure time is like animating the drawings of a kindergartener.

The New BEN 10 needs someone with real creativity and a dedication to the concept and story line. There are a lot of somebodies who appear to be bored with their jobs and careers. And some very disconnected executives out of touch with their network and the fans who watch.

think they should make omniverse short an go back to the more mature drawings that they had in ultimatle alien and alien force

Agreed. There are so many ways the story line could unfold and progress.
The new Ben who looks younger than a 10y/o also looks like a bad genetic experiment with cat eyes.

When I saw the new animation for the show I literally though “what the fuck” and almost fell over. They are DESTROYING the show!! I just don’t understand why in the world they would want to take something good and ruin it! I find it very disappointing that this is the direction cartoon network chose for the show. They are going to kill of the show if they use this animation!!

Okey so first of all.. “Man of Action” is not dead, the name refers to a group of people (a group consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle).

Secondly, as an art student and as a fan of the series I really don’t like the new art style. They’ve redesigned it with a younger target audience in mind compared to UA and AF which action and romance wise seemed to be targeted at an older audience, maybe that’s it? They’re trying to change their audience? After all it’s the kids that want the action figures etc.

I’m also worried because Ben’s personality seems to be as childish as the cartoon style, all that personal progression we’ve seen through his teen years appears to have evaporated. Along with the progression of Gwen and Kevin who apparently have been kicked out the series. Well that’s a shame; my two favorite characters with the most interesting powers are gone, just brilliant.

I’m not sure if they are trying to kill it off, experiment a little or squeeze it dry for a little more cash but I really hope once this series is over they’ll either go back and re-animate it or pretend like it never happened and go back to the end on UA. *Fingers crossed*

Watched a part of the sneak peek Cartoon Network had on Wes 1 Aug 12. Was very disapointed. Making Kevin look like a thug and Gwen with curves like a Playboy bunny….really? And then getting rid of them?!!! What kind of stupidity is that?

how ironic it is that ben 10 is suppossd to be growing up but they made the series look more childish. 🙂 but seriously! wat the heck is this? they shouldve done Generator rex’s style! Now that wouldve been boss. by the way, anyone know wht happened to that show? and did anyone hear how crappy the new theme song is?(shouldve made it like the new tmnt theme song)

I was so excited for the new series and as soon as i watched it i was so disappointed and mad! i hate how they changed their art style its like they down graded and i think they just killed it 🙁 and i also hate how they didn’t pick up after the previous series. I leo didn’t like how they made gwen and kevin so ugly!! and so they’re not in the show! this series is very disappointing and the worst of all the other series!

I hate the art designs in omniverse. on alien force and ulitmate aleins were better if ben gets a new ultimatrix or omnitrix I really hope they put the the old art designs/ graphics back because the new one is terrible

why did they go with this animation?
not to be mean but this animation sucked.the last ben 10 was by far way better
please bring that kind of animation back.

Terrible..I had to google it to see if they really changed it. It sucks! It’s like they ripped off the design of Scooby Doo. They need to change it back! Its not enjoyable to watch, the artists got lazyyy.

i think u are all being dumb. u r all so focused on the art style tht u r forgeting everything Else(cooler aliens and alien styles)plus a combination of all three series and new ruthless villian worse than vilgax and ben 10 and his partner doing some sweet moves(and ben becoming more serious)but u wont watch it becuase it looks different? Ben 10 is all about being different and going against the “flow”. Plus ive noticed all the shows tht look lame usually arent and become popular(ex:Ultimate Spiderman.) Wat happened to the loyal fans? Watch at the series premier before you judge.

It is not just the childish art style the preadolescent look of Ben, it is the not so cool aliens, the preschool aliens, the amateurish chicken, legoman, etc. cooler aliens, really what a slam. This is not cooler it is a lazy lack of vision bringing down the franchise.

The new look is just childish and another thing, i think that it is another canon, not the original one ar ben cant team up with his younger self as paradox stated this will cause younger ben’s future to change! I think what they are doing is passing time for making something more explosive

God, it’s just awful! let them return the old animation: it is more serious, and the new Ben looks younger and generally it is terrible.

Its just awful man… If I had the decision to choose what art style for the Ben 10 series I’d chose the AF/UA version because it look more mature and he looks adorable and handsome and I’d rather do a continuation of the series rather than team Ben up with a rookie by-the-book partner

I saw the sneak peek. . even though the artwork made me CRINGE I gave the story line a chance. All I have to say is NO. Ben acts more. . idk can’t find the word for it but his personality changed a bit. Not only the artwork was bad but I didn’t like how they did the story at all. . .I don’t get why they changed it at all. I do not like the new ben 10.

i just watched the first ep of the new ben ten. well to be honest i watched the first 8 mins, was so disgusted that i couldnt watch anymore. qwen looks like a tramp, kevin looks like a bum/emo, ben looks like a 12 year old. and the eyes have no pupils. awful. just awful. ruined my fav cartoon 🙁

I LOVE the new Ben 10 series. And I don’t care if i’m the only one. I’m a loyal Ben 10 fan no matter what. I can’t believe some people start hating it beacouse of how it looks. You people are not TRUE ben 10 fans. I love Ben :3

I was very excited for the new series but after it finished I felt disappointed and disgusted. I HATE THE NEW ART STYLE! it reminds me of a show for 4 year olds. THEY HAVE KILLED THE SHOW! I was looking forward to it picking up from where it left off. Also i liked how ben was in a team with kevin and gwen and they get rid of it. Ben eye look like they had been replaced with massive emeralds, gwen and kevin so ugly!! I AM VERY ANNOYED AND DISAPPOINTED AND I WONT WATCH ANOTHER MINUTE OF IT UNTIL THEY CHANGE IT BACK.
I don’t get why they changed it at all. Even the story line is bad like it was made in one night!

This series is very disappointing and the WORST of ALL the OTHER SERIES!

Ok I am a fan; I have followed all the Ben 10 TV series. If you really are following the alternative series from the alternative time line, there are some things you forgot to look at and that is that the little max is more serious in his kid form in the 2 time lines and he know what it means to be the one to have the Omnitrix. the 12 year old max now is not that smart or intelligent in what he dose even the little max knows he needs help to fight the bad Guys or bad aliens and he my have some disagreements every now and then, but he knows he needs help.

So why is he like that even the latest move of Ben 10: The Destroy All Aliens. He re learns what he needs to do, but I think the move is based on the first Ben 10 TV Series with a little extra if I may say so. Nevertheless it was well don graphics, and story line

One thing I can say of the move Ben 10 Race Against Time is that there are some err on the move, That the Omnitrix if it gets a looked in one of it alien transformation for more than a determinant amount of time it will take over the mind of the user that is not in track with the cartoon story line. But there was an episode were ghost freak tried to take over Ben, but the move was way off the story line.

NatKa I’m a true Ben10 fan… but I hate it! I reale love kevin and gwens relationship but… omg it’s… I can’t describe it. They totaly killed them! I hate hate HATE the one who genarate it!

Horrible i totally hate the new style, if this where just for a movie or some kind of spin off, but this do not deserve be the next official season

Whatever, the first Ben 10 was the best but can’t blame the creators. Most good shows sequels are never as good as their prequels.

I hate it and who every drew dis isnt a bad artist tho…the point is thats its out dated for this series were suppose to be moving forward not backwards!!! ben 10 is suppose to be moving to ben 10,000 even tho ben 10 alien force and ultimate alien might nt av been as good as the original art! there was one thing which made it work it was mature!! although it might av nt been as refine as the original it work this on the other hand is just horrible!! ITS MORE LIKE A DOWNGRADE !! and killing a big fan bt if that art continues there gonna loose fans!!! the scooby doo art worked for scooby doo!! THIS IS BEN 10!!! scooby doo era is over!! so please change the art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m reaLLY DISSapoinTEd IN the nEW Art sTYLE. THEY SHOULD HAve KEpt it like THE originaL ONe. + enOUGH New AlieNS!!! jUSt sTICK TO THE old oneS!

I was really disappointed by the new Ben 10, like REALLY disappointed, I’ve always ADORED Ben 10, but the new art style is horrid, and kicking off Kevin and Gwen?! REALLY?! How could they?! I am just so annoyed at that, they were my favourite characters! I adored Ultimate Alien and Alien Force because they were just amazing, with the 3 of them and not to mention the art style it was perfect and I just wish they would have carried that on, because after seeing the preview, I think they’ve lost a dedicated fan 🙁 I am just so angry at them! I can’t explain!

I was really disappointed by the new Ben 10, like REALLY disappointed, I’ve always ADORED Ben 10, but the new art style is horrid, and kicking off Kevin and Gwen?! REALLY?! How could they?! I am just so annoyed at that, they were my favourite characters! I adored Ultimate Alien and Alien Force because they were just amazing, with the 3 of them and not to mention the art style it was perfect and I just wish they would have carried that on, because after seeing the preview, I think they’ve lost a dedicated fan 🙁 I am just so angry at them! I can’t explain!!

I would understand if this was a reboot of the franchise, some alternate universe but it’s not. All the progress Ben and the team have made up to this point is completely lost. Watching Ben get older and mature, seeing whats in store for his future self. has all been for naught. This has killed the franchise for me.

Such a disaster. After the epic Cthulu-esque battle at the end of Ultimate Alien, it seemed that Ben had finally matured by making a very adult decision in the middle of a tremendous crisis. Now, he’s back to being a total douche, and his new Omnitrix is even less reliable than the one he had when he was little. Really? We still have to put up with the stupid random alien gag? And you got rid of Ben and Gwen? Idiots.

And what’s worse than all that? A Lego alien. Seriously? What a bunch of garbage. I get why they did all this: Ben 10 fans are getting older, and they need the show to be appealing and acceptable for new, younger fans. But this is just wrong.

The one bright spot: his new partner. Cool design, cool weapon, nice dialogue. Just use the bow all the time and be Alien Legolas.

In general, I’m not a huge fan of American cartoons- usually because of the art style (I’m sorry, but it often looks like no one is making any effort)- but I really liked Ben 10’s.

This new art style is horrible; I’m really disappointed. 🙁

This is exactly the reason why Americans watch Japanese anime because they don’t pull these idiotic stunts America loses to other countries in pretty much everything

I don’t like it one bit, why go back in time? I liked the mature Ben. And why get rid of Gwen an Kevin? I liked the dynamic of the three together. I don’t like the art style either. They may just have lost a fan.

I am not a fan of the new stylistic choices for the cartoon, and I think there are going to loose a lot of fans because of it. We have gotten to know and love the more realistic style for so many years, to suddenly change it really messes with my aesthetic enjoyment of the show.

The older versions of the show had more of a realistic element to it which made the show more enjoyable, believable, and allowed it’s viewers to be more invested in watching the show. Getting the artistic director of “Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated” probably wasn’t the best choice to entice a wider age range of viewers.

It’s terrible… I’m prob too old to be watching cartoons anyway but I really enjoyed the previous 2 series. I doubt I’ll be watching the new series simply because I find it painful to look at.

The Ark of the Convenient wrote:

(I hate Omniverse!) They them creeps took my hot Gwen and turned her into a dork look, she was dorky all the way but they messed up my Gwen’s hotness. I love my women fictional and non fictional, but god bring my Gwen back to her original sexy 16 year old womanly looking self, as she age into womanhood make her even more hot than before and once my Gwen hit elderly age she should still be hot and sexy looking even in her golden years.

Kevin look great his new look keep that, take away that plumbers watch on his chest.

Ben’s aliens what the f-uck, go back to the original drawings and delete that retarded Lego alien kill it.

Bring back Gwen and Kevin, if Gwen and Kevin must stay at the college make Ben graduate high school early and go live with Julie near Gwen’s location. If Ben’s new partner must tag along bring him, you can make a team of hero’s

Ben10, Kevin, Alien guy, Gwen and Ship Julie can save the world.

It SUCKs!!!!!! Please change it back! It really sucks. Also bring back Kevin and Gwen. When did we go back to the 70s!! It REALLY SUCKS!

I am 49 and watch this with my son , its something we share and he hates it as well, keeps asking for “Real Ben 10 not little Ben10 ” …This is awful , the art the story … This is on the level of the 1st season .. Not of the level that this show had gotten to … Who ever is writing and drawing this series now obviously doesn’t take it seriously or is in over thier head ! What made Ben 10 so cool was how it reminded me of the old johnny quest with cool art and great stories and blending of Gwen & Kevin and Ben and a seriously solid cast of odd ball characters … Now it’s boring and should b cancelled if this all u got..

It’s disgustingly, terribly and absolutely grotesque! In comparison to the old art style it’s as if the art direction stayed up for 72 hours and decided to vomit all over the art style of the previous seasons and decided that it would SOMEHOW use less money and creativity to come up with this disgusting farce of an “omniverse”. It’s a pure sign of laziness, and a outright smack in the face to the fans, sprinkled with a crowbar to the skull on top

BACK TO THE OLD STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, The Batman:TAS comparison is RIDICULOUS. BTAS looked a million times better than this garbage. I absolutely hate the kiddie direction they went in for Omniverse. It’s awful. The writing has gotten more simple and childish too – just really awful compared to either AF or UA. Young Justice is the only thing I can watch on Sat Mornings now. I really hope the new Thundercats gets renewed (and hopefully they’ll just keep it on Toonami, if toy sales are such an issue).

the man of action did not die because i saw a page of man of action and he posted it on this october 2012 maybe they did not want him to do the 4th seasons drawing thats why the art work of ben10 omniverse is so bad or they told the man of action to do a new artstyle that is not so good because they wanted to save money and I hate the new style.

I hate it. I refuse to watch it. I have been a fan since Ben 10 began. This artwork style and story line is backwards, kindergarten, new characters a chicken and a Lego man? Really?! Something seriously wrong. Where are the original creators? Need someone who cares about what they are doing and care about the series.

I am really dissappointed! The art style is horrible! Ben looks like Shaggy from scooby Doo!! Grandpa max has no eyes and Kevin looked like Shocksquatch! Not only have they RUINED the animation style but they have messed with the legacy too giving Ben new aliens like Feedback when he was a 10??!! WHY!!!?? Ultimate Alien was the pinnacle of all the series and Omniverse is terrible! Such a massive, massive earth shattering shame! WHY!!

I got to say I hate the new art style it just looks terrible, some have said that it’s the same person that did teen titans well a hell of a lot differerent than teen titans it’s more like symbionic titan but crappy i love symbionic titan, and with the windwaker i loved that style as well the reason this bugs me is probably more so when alien force first came came out i didn’t like it’s art style but this just seems like a rescue ranger thats been stuffed in the microwave

the most annoying thing to me though is the huge 10 at the center of of his shirt and the black and green outfit in the original the outfit was black and white simple as that i don’t like that they use the 10 as a symbol it’s cheesy so is all that green and the omnitrix symbol as a sort of plumbers badge why the hell did they turn gwen into an alien when in ben 10000 episodes from the original series she is shown using powerful magic with the stones that charmcaster and her uncle were looking for they also made gwens powers pink so there is no difference between her and charmcaster(who looked terrible in alienforce)

also in another episode of the ben 10000 episode from the original kevin is just getting out of the null void so he shouldn’t even be able to travel with ben and gwen in alien force

Not to mention the ultamatrix has been completely changed in alien force from what it was in the original ben ten and yes it did exist only in two episodes but yes it existed instead of just evolving the aliens to their full potential it gives new abitilities in some cases which some don’t even make sense spider monkey turns into a gorilla it’s a completely different combat style

but also why they have to make the the omnitrix look more and more like watch, even when ben got the ultamatrix in alienforce i couldn’t take it seriously though because there was all that green around it where it looked more like a toy a high tech piece of equipment

I am disappointed not only is the animation bad the story lines are ridiculous. The last episode where a Carnie has a pet that he keeps in a jar and a hippie trying to free him. Not just that, the aliens look, as my six year old put it, lame. If you wanted a animation change why not go with the style from the Ben 10/Generator Rex team up. It was different but cool at the same time. I’ve given up on watching, hopefully they’ll come to their senses when no one watches or buys the toyline.

I use to look forward to watching ben ten but ben ten omniverse sucks balls with its terible and lasy art style accompanied by an equally terrible and lazy scrypt

The team titan art style does not fit. Their are far too many plot holes in the stories. Like i just watch the last episode. An alien race just did billions of dollars worth of damage and killed countless people. Since they agreed to live in peace they got off scot-free.

There is nothing wrong with the new style and people are getting carry away by the new change in anmation. AF/UA weren’t all that great either are perfect design wise, i’m glad they didn’t used the GER Rex/Ben 10 crossover animation since it would of made Ben 10 a worser series.

“A worser series” reading your post suspiciously sounds like you or someone you know works for Cartoon Network. But judging by your grammar and spelling I’m convinced my suspicions are correct. You must work for the inane incompetent animators, producers and executives of Cartoon Network. Clearly you are in the vast and ever growing minority that is trying to save the current failed pathetic version of what was a successful animation series.

I agree with EVERYONE! What a joke! I am not surprised about the negative comments about omniverse. Ben 10 was witty, humorous, exciting and I looked forward to ever episode – I even enjoyed the repeats! Just like everyone else, I wont be watching. I guess its just a matter of time before these idiots ruin what few good cartoons are left. I thought it was a sick joke because of all the hype leading up to the 1st ep, now I realise the whole network must be thick, and anyone who can actually sit through this crap and actually enjoy it even half as much must be too.. As ben said in a past episode “dont fix something that aint broke”!

I prefer to think of Ben 10 Omniverse as an alternate Ben 10 dimension where everything looks stupid and their reality is childish. Just the same, I won’t be watching this incarnation of Ben 10.

I’m looking forward to this series ending and Ben 10 being reimagined in a better way. Until then, I’ll find something good to watch. (This isn’t it.)

I’ve been a Ben fan since it came to cartoon network a few years ago. Omniverse makes me want to cry. Whoever gave the greenlight to this series has no moral compass. To unleash this phoned in piece of garbage onto the world is a crime. The stories are trite and unbelievably predictable, the old aliens look like a joke, the new aliens ARE a joke, and the villains, for the most part, are just plain silly. The high ups involved with this show clearly needed money for their mortgages or mistresses or something. I can honestly say, Omniverse is WORSE THAN NEW COKE!!! Guess that last line shows how old I am, but I do not care, someone, please save this franchise

the privious style is far better ,all the things are near reality
so the creater may start thinking on the matter before it gets too late.

The new art work is just horrible, every thing looks wrong and the characters are different even the clothes and all that is to the worth.

I like Ben’s new shirt and hairstyle. However I agree, the new art style is just terrible. Ifbthey wanted to change the art style, why not go with the Generator Rex art style, Ben looked greatin that crossover they had. I don’t personally care about the art style change of The Legend of Zelda since the gameplay was still fun.

I cannot watch Omniverse anymore.

1)Why is a dinosaur wearing underwear and a sash on his chest? Why is the dial on the watch not a circle? Why am I seeing old aliens all stupid up?

2) Why does Ben’s alien Big Chill look like a man? She is a maiden just like Gwen. Ben even birthed babies as Big Chill, Big Chill has a vagina just like Julie and Gwen. Honestly I think Big Chill should have a woman’s voice since she is a maiden.

3) Why did you turn my drooling hot Gwen into a nerd looking chic? She was once the hottest woman in the series yet had the nerd feel only in her head.

4) Get rid of stupid kid Ben 10 and that stupid alien from the plumbers as Ben’s partner in Omniverse, bring back Julie, Kevin and Gwen.


Hate it! There was no reason to change anything other than advance the story line. They ruined a good thing. And the jumping back and forth is confusing. I also miss Gwen and Kevin–plus where’s Ship and Julie?

I seriously agree. They butchered the series. Especially, the art style. I understand the reasoning behind it but it didn’t work and they are seriously losing fans from it. The boy I babysit, absolutely loved Ben 10, seriously he has so much Ben 10 merchandise and if he could dress as Ben 10 every day, he would. But even he does not like the new series. I put it on for him once and he looked at me like what is this, this is not Ben 10. Hech even I loved the series, but now Ben looks like he is five, Kevin looks super creepy, and Grandpa Max’s eyes are just strange. You cannot change iconic characters so drastically and expect people to be happy with that, especially for your loyal fans. Two thumbs down. 🙁 I hope they change the art style back, if not then this is the end for Ben 10. Evil aliens, mutants, and robots couldn’t take down Ben 10 but this new art style did.

So Maybe this series is a horrible dream, where Ben is now a permanent Christmas Elf Hybrid Ceature. I hate the dead eyes. This last episode was totally off story. I mean, Ben 10 is reverted back to age 11 but his watch that is bio-attached doesn’t fit. I use to look forward to watching Ben 10 and eating my GrapeFruit and raisan toast Breakfast. At least, there’s still Korra and the Clone Wars

What can be done, except stop watching this insult to anyone who is an animation fan. I guess the owners of the show decided they don’t need the fan base they have extablished. My fix has been to stop watching the new Ben 10 and began watching the original episodes on Boomarang.

well they are not gonna change the art-style for you losers cuz they are making season 2 and 3 maybe the next ben 10 besides i think this art style is way cooler than the previos one besides he is a cartoon he doesnt have to look real

Shut it you Omniverse fan, Omniverse sucks beyond imagination and they need to go back to the previous artwork. They’re destroying all of the Dwayne McDuffie set up in the previous seasons. Omniverse needs to die because it’s slowly killing the Franchise.

Very interesting I like the story and the new characters and aliens but with all the characters that already existed they made very bad looking. I wouldn’t be suprised if they redid the entire series with just a better art style for the older characters and aliens cause thats the only thing dumbed down older characters and aliens

to say the truth im actually 11 im turning 12 and i really used to love ben ten i would always make paper omnitrixs butt ever sense the new series came out i just don’t get it why did he get deformed and why did the aliens grow spider monkey has white hair and to say it now i thought i was the number one fan butt i feel like im not crazy for that show i would always think im ben ten i would slap my wrist i even did it in sixth grade ounce it was embarrassing and the thing i hate the most is they don’t look the same and the voices are different so who ever is the author you just lost your number one crazy fan bye

I used to watch ben10 and liked it! Since ben10 to alien force . Alien isn’t that bad after all. Thanks for all the effort of making new episodes but seriously I think ben 10 Omniverse art style is not a good idea.

It’s not just the animation! Look at these lame and stupid episodes! :X :X
I don’t know what to say… I’ll still watch Ben 10, but It’s not like before… no cool and realistic scenes, no cool new aliens… bad guys are looking so lame… 11-year old Ben is more stupid than 10-year old Ben from the original series…
I want a cool animated Ben 10 series with action! Not a STUPID and LAME comedy!
And I’m sure that I’m not the only one who wants that!
And to all the creators of Ben 10:
YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! Ben 10 will lose its rating and Cartoon Network can cancel it!

To me Ben 10 Omniverse art style is not good. Form growing up with Ben 10 then Ben 10 Unlamented Alien, this series don’t have a place. I don’t understand if it’s in the same world, or in a world of it’s own? With this style it make them look weird too. Gwen looks like a dork and they don’t match up with the world i knew Ben 10 was.

i love the original series, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. i loved what Glenn and Dwayne did to AF and UA but i hate what Derrick did to Omniverse. i know its for kids, but it was such a drastic change and the storyline is really stupid? and Gwen did not have freckles and i wonder why do they plan on making her have some now. she looks weird now. Kevin just looks sooooooooo bad, he and Ben used to be my ultimate favourites and i loved what Glenn and Dwayne did to them and Gwen in AF and UA. they didn’t really change the original series’ design but made them more mature. Ben suddenly has this childish attitude in Omniverse and they make Kevin seem like a stupid idiot. i hate what they did to Omniverse and i preferred it if they just leave the art to someone better. i hope they do get a new series and it will take a new turn or something, changing their looks to how it looked like in the original series or so? i don’t want my favourite show to end just because of this drastic change

AF and UA were had really good designs and i actually understood the storyline too. it was a mature turn but i thought it turned out good. i can barely understand Omniverse at all and i don’t understand why they changed it sooooooo badly. i love the voice actors but i preferred it if Dee Bradley Baker voiced the aliens and Yuri voicing Ben and Albedo and all like in AF and UA. the new voices just don’t seem to fit some aliens

I see a lot of hate here and though I do agree with the comments saying that Omniverse has an unfortunate character design and weird animation, I do see what the creators were going for. You see, most of the fans are getting older and will want to continue watching 16 year old Ben’s adventures. But the channel always needs a resupply, a new groups of viewers. Obviously, that target group is the kids who are the same age that people were who started watching the first Ben10 series back in 2005. That explains the more cartoony art style and switching back and forth between “old” and young Ben in Omniverse.
The older fans will be excited to watch age 16 Ben10’s adventures, and the 11 year old Ben will win the younger viewers’ heart, just like the first Ben10 did.

I just prefer to see the characters I have grown to love as their former selves. Kevin looks like a creepy drug addict that has not slept for weeks. Ben looks like he suffering side effects from the Omnitrix, maybe a radiation leak of some sort. Grandpa looks like his soul had been sucked from him and that he may have been exposed to the Mumps. Gwenn looks like she has stumbled into the wrong cartoon, perhaps as she was chasing ghosts with Scooby and the gang.
I agree that it may have been created to grab the attention of the younger veiwers but to this girl it’s just plain “YUCKY”!

I totally agree with you Rocket. I had said that ben in this series, never was cured from the elf curse he and Gwen got when they went to the nortn pole, I have actually stop watching the new Ben 10. It’s awful, luckily the new justice league and star wars the clone wars is still great to watch on a Saturday Morning.

I just started watching omniverse (as in right now I am watching it) took a brrak from Ben 10 for a while and I’m currently about 7 mins into ep 1 and I want to stop. I thought something was up as I clicked play then I saw grown up Ben, Gwen and Kev and wanted to throw up. What the hell is this fugly ass animation? I can’t even watch further. It’s so bad.

They have ruined the storyline. Ben looks like Smeagol from LOTR, Grandpa Tennyson looks like a Japanese Sumo, Gwen looks worse than Lindsay Lohan, and Kevin looks like a deformed Goth Gorilla. The sound effect changes stink too. Gwen’s Annodite energy powers and magic spells used to sound intimidating and powerful, NOW she sounds like Tinkerbell on steroids. The only character they didnt manage to screw up was RATH.

I am so angry with how it looks i hate it I just it looks like some one threw up on them and now they look like they are mutated why would any one do that. When they first made it, it looked better. Little kids are not happy with it I was happy when it looked better I was a little kid when it first all started I loved it. Now all shows are so crappy they need to fix it or I will not watch it IT IS ALL SO HORRIBLE I REALLY DO HOPE THEY MAKE A NEW ONE THAT IS BETTER CUZ NO THIS IS NOT DOIN IT FOR ME.

Watching Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and comparing it to Omniverse. From art work to story line Omniverse is PERVERSE! Disgusting on every level. There was an incredible possible progression for Ben 10. We had seen glimpses of the future with Ben, Gwen, Max even Ben with a his son Ken. So many ways to continue the franchise. What a complete disjointed, dysfunctional disappointing mess Omniverse is. FAILURE with a F minus.

I haven’t watched a single crappy episode since the change. Time for a retro-reboot. Make Omniverse a bad memory we all refuse to talk about.

Personally I prefer the way they did the animation in the previous series. I’m not a fan of this one. I have watched a few episodes. I didn’t like the way Gwen looked in the frog war episode..and I don’t like how they put eye liner on Kevin..sigh..

Really, I love how everyone’s bitching about how terrible the Omniverse art style is compared to Alien Force/ Ultimate Alien (which let’s face, should have been one show to begin with). Two things: firstly, I actually don’t mind the Omniverse art style; it reminds of Transformers Animated, which is hardly a bad thing. Secondly, and more importantly, let’s take a moment to remember how much shittier the UAF art style was to the original series’. Compare original Ben 10,000 ( with the Ultimate Alien version (, or Gwen in the original series to the “alternate” ten year old Gwen in “Ben 10,000 Returns”.

Why in the first episode they had gwen look like the Ben 10 Alien Force/ Ultimate alien gwen, but later change her appearance. Ben says that college seems to of had an effect on her. You mean her face? How to put people off from going to college. What’s with the new mana sound effect? *twinkle*

Ok ok I don’t want to put a looong comment. I agree with everyone that dislikes the art style I’m fine with the characters but Ben and Kevin….mother of god KEVIN AND BEN LOOKED BETTER IN ULTIMATE ALIEN! I mean look at that creepy, gothic, weird kevin in Omniverse! In Ultimate Alien he looked Muscular and strong and brave(You know what I mean?) and ben looked the same, Brave Strong, Muscular. But in Omniverse, bad 😐

But honestly..I told myself, this is Ben 10 my favorite series in CN. I watched episode 1 online and it was bad. BUT don’t judge it just by watching the first episode! Now I’m in episode 5 I think. I’m addicted to Ben 10 again 😀


Sorry for the caps lock 😛

I just don’t like the new Ben ten at all. I loved the other ones when he was a kid and when he was a teen but I just don’t get the omnivers one. The animation really throws me off and makes it hard to enjoy. I mean isn’t he suppose to be older in this one?? But he just look younger like a kid and alot dumber than when he was on even a kid. So my point is if the animation was a lot better then I would love it again but now I don’t even want to watch It anymore.

Personally I’m not a fan of either the new art style or the removal of Gwen and Kevin. And yes it will stop me from watching any new Bens 🙁 Oh well we had a great run!

Its look like shit the story line is crap they look like scooby doo gwen looks like ugly fag but in ultimate alien she was hot kevin looks like a drug andict and grampa max is asian and the alians look tike shit and when did they start wering clothes.humungasor omnitrix looks like it can be taken off and how does gwen go to college if she is ben’s age (16) and was still in high school in ultimate alien,and when she goes anadite she changes into that cat costune from Ben 10 when they were 10 years old,its suck dick, when they show ben when he is 11 years old and he has aliens that don’t show up in ben 10 ultimate alian it looks like it was made by some cheap studio in japan it is fucking shit and my 9 year old cousin wouldn’t watch it how did young justice get cancled and ben omnitrix not.fuck!!!

I really love the old style , the new one its so horrible damn what did u guys did with ben 10 , what about kevin and gwen when she turns into an anodite ewww fix It pliz im not watching anymore

the new look sucks, and the sound effects r stupid yeah but thats the only problem i have with this show . the story line is more episodic like in the first ben 10 which i like more anyways i just want to see some awsome looking aliens fight eachother which could be done if the art style didnt look like a low budget scooby doo episode.just fix the art and the show will be fine 🙂 i remember that everyone bitched about the plot holes in alien force and they fixed that right up so why wont they just fix the art style?

I don’t like the new style of the Ben 10 and the sound are stupied but that’s the only problem I have if it only looked like the old Ben ten and the sounds where the same they you’d to be it would be AWSOME

Kevin looks a like a full blown retard/pothead, ben just looks…terrible. And gwen is just… ugh. They should have kept things the way they were from Alien Force.

Ultimate Alien and Alien Force series are thousand times better than Omniverse! New looks of main characters are reallx bad.everybody needs old Ben, old Keven, Gwen and Julie too..! Why can’t producers understand it?

I really am upset with the new style of animation. I understand that it may be cheaper to produce and I can appreciate that but the CG style isn’t yet at the same level that the other episodes are done in. If and when a new series were to be made I would like it better if there was a change back to the old style. As a parent I would rather my children be watching something I can watch and not be creeped out by. As said by many the new looks are really bad.

I dont like it at all, though I do understand why they did it. With that said I think this style of animation is horrendous. I can only hope that they will change it back in the seasons to come and I do think that a change is possible seeing how this is the third animation change for the Ben 10 series not counting the movies.

I hate the new art style Kevin looks like he is goth and hasn’t slept in months and he looks weak. Gwen looks like a frog. Ben face is all messed up it looks like the omnitrix messed him up.the sound effects are horrible. I hate it they messed up everything thing even max he looks like he is Chinese

There are 23 million people live in my country.Most children,teenage boys,teenage girls and also adolescences loved to watch Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien Force and Ben 10 Ultimate Alien cartoon series. But most of people now hate the new version of Ben 10.Ben 10 Omniverse is a useless cartoon series.Why ‘Omniverse producers’ understand this thing???

Ben tennyson’s new look is sooo justice.and also it not looks like a human.look at his eyes!!! terrible..You guys completely correct..keven is just like a gorilla….

Please producers…cancel this episodes and remake the series using old characters.

Azmuth’s copy of ultimatrix is so advanced than new omnitrix.! Ultimatrix gives correct transformation what ben needs.but new omnitrix doesn’t do it!

the new animation is crap they really need to go back to ultimate alien transformation i mean what were they thinking its ok animation but ultimate alien’s was way better and had a better story line

The new art style is garbage.. looks like they hired someone who doesn’t know how to make humans characters to do the character designs. I don’t mind the story lines and voice work, but the art is horrible. They need to cancel before it’s too late and do a new series with good art like the other ones in the Ben 10 franchise.. just like Teen Titans Go, which also rapes the original good show it’s supposedly based on.

The art of big chill and other aliens are terrible it’s not serious and he can’t go ultimate just cancel it its four 5 year olds

Gwen is so ugly. As well as everything. Grandpa max has no eyes wtf. Bring back the old ben 10. Its more exciting to watch. Horrible artwork

It is’t the art style that is Bad, it is the way they did it. The lines for faces are of very poor quality, for example. Other animation works that used this style are no comparison. Both wind waker and final fantasy 9 used this style, but at least they could keep facial features consistant from one character to another. The lips and chins, for exqmple, look extra weird when the head is tilted. In one scene Gwen had a flat line for a jaw longer that her head is tall. That isn’t just Bad – it’s creepy.

Also, the lack of any scenery detail is Bad. Ben driving, for example, had nothing but a few abstract lines behind him. Really, even the power puff girls had more going on in the background. It is clear though that they know how to draw scenery because other scenes had good use of it, but going speed racer on us between scenrs just tells me that they are low budget.

Again, there is nothing wrong with the style they are going for, but clearly the animators have no idea what they are doing with it.

just hated it, animation is one aspect, not the worst by the way, but I think they tried to reach their younger audience and dumped us who’d grown with the series. one of the alien is a chicken come on! one of ben’s trasformation is a Lego-man, that sucks, guys (procucers) improve the series plz and give a smarter plot and dialogues

I want to say I hate Ben 10 omniverse !!!!
the new art style is so UGLY!!!!
I HATE IT SO MUCHH!! I want the old ben10 (T-T)
and my age is 12 yearold ! ,All child and adult hate the new art style!!

I’m 12 years old, just watch ben 10 Omniverse ….the art style sucks more than my drawing…Even my parents say it is bad….What happened to Big Chill?? Eat too many chili fries?? They should bring UA back…Gwen, Ben, Kevin, Grandpa Max and the alien art style real sucks…..Don’t dream doing another series after Omniverse if you all don’t know how to draw and animate a fcking boy ….

Hold up, I am a a person to love the show Ben 10. I love Ben, Kevin, and Gwen however I hate the new season on Ben 10, Ben 10 Omniverse. It does not do any justice to the love of Ben 10 people have developed over time, it sucks because of the graphics, the new plots of the episodes and the way they cut out Kevin and Gwen. And don’t even get me started on the new looks of the characters….*sigh* I wish they would go back to the show I love, not this new “show.”

I hate the new art style and seriously why has big chill a BEARD? It was my favorite alien and now he looks ugly, he has babies and a beard then you serious fucked up. Kevin looks like hey i’m kevin do you want some coke Gwen is a nerd and when she ‘has to be’ an anodite she looks like a weirdo with that weird twinkle sound. I love the ben as in AF and UA but this sucks so much like man of action were high when they wrote the script ( sorry for my bad english I’m coming from Holland)

Seriously. Are you asking us for this? The art is garbage. Gwen is an ugly nerd, Ben has a baby face. Grandpa max has no eyes and Kevin looks like a derp bully. I really have a problem with the artwork and animations. Another major problem is the script and plot. The character act so much different than they used to in previous parts.Ben is now Big-Headed (stupid) and silly. He can’t even kill one monster without relying on that new thing called Rook.Gwen rarely appears. (Better for us. At least prevent seeing her new ugly face.) And Kevin studies in a university. Well, as we all know, kevin doesn’t have parents to pay the fees. And grandpa max lost his playful character he is now like just ‘cook bad things-never appear-and blind man’. I really lost my hopes in aliens and characters. Chicken alien, frog princess,pterodactyl, and a bearded big chill? I really hate the new series and recommend deleting it before the time’s up.

First off guys, Big Chill DOESN’T have a beard. It’s his body and face that have the same dark color, and Kevin is rich (Kind of) because of his trades and deals from Alien tech. But however, the quality is worse, although it was never bad, because it makes it look like a cartoon that they’d give in Nick Jr. For example, the omnitrix at is on the aliens is oval/rhombus shaped, and it makes Kevin look like a drunk Macaulay Culkin

I hate the new omniverse it sucks the art/graphics even the plot were kevin and Gwen are gone and if they do ever come to be a team again change kevin he looks like a clown on heroin Or something and Ben cant ultimate his aliens that look way better when ultimated this new series Suck bring back old ben 10 youst to love it

I was re-watching all ben 10 series (never watched ben 10 omniverse) then i completed all, until ultimate alien end.. then i was going to watch this Ben 10 omniverse i saw, and was real excited to see ben, gwen and Kevin’s adventures again.. then at first episode, i was like.. What the F*ck is this Sh*t.. Kevin looked like a guy dumped out of a rock concert for being a wannabe, gwen had 2 red paper strips for a lips and Ben got deformed so bad it doesn’t match the good voice.. Then my personal all time favorite alien Big chill, had a hunchback impersonating him.. come on! then Cannonbolt became square! etc etc.. Nevermind.. then i just stopped there.. never finished the show or never gonna watch it again unless they return the old animation.. it was a disappointment for me who grew up watching and enjoying the series..


I really can’t express how much I hate the new Series.. They have completely butchered ben 10 there is only a few good things about the it one is I really don’t mind the character Rook tho I would prefer if max an Ben took turns in showing him the ropes with Gwen an Kevin. And the another is they didn’t change the alien “Rath” my favourite alien thank god for that lol an I don’t mind the look an abilities of feedback an gravattack along with the dog but it be better if it was with ben. Everything else is in this season if stuffed. The story, there really isn’t one since they keep yo-yoing it besides Melware, the hunter and Ben’s Alien “Feedback”. Characters and characters design, when I first saw the first episode after about the first 5mins I thought it was a kind of a dream of Bens or a season before AF. Ben looked like shaggy an even tho his 16 or 17yo he acts dumber than his 11 yo self an his looks match his IQ. Gwen looked so gorgeous on AF an UA she even looked and acted like she was 19yo now it’s almost reversed same goes for Kevin. Overall omniverse has lost most of it appeal to almost everyone since they gutted and halfassed the animation with it’s shotty story, characters and most of all the animation style. If they really wanted to change the style of the animation they should of used the style they knew worked well from the first season. An if I had to guess they have lost more than 40% of their fans. All coz they wanted a change.
Who ever thought it was a good idea to change ben 10 to this should find a new job.
This is my opinion though

I love Ben10 since its beginning and ben10 alienforce , ultimatrix but after they ruin it by ominiwarse. I even feel a little tear, what’s the reason they ruin it?, if they want so way did they didn’t so long early, and it gonna cost? This is not fair totally not fair. And so long year I was good ben10 fan it was my most favorite cartoon series in my life and now what, ominvarse is nothing but worse with no good animation or story it ends with bad story, its no knowledgeable to anyone its just ruin, just ruin.

Me: Soooo, about the new Ben 10 Omniverse series…

Derrick J. Wyatt: Lets just start at zero; Level Zero.

Me: Oh no. There is no such thing as Level Zero.

Derrick J. Wyatt: Hey! Maybe I can start on that! (Walks over to the drawing board)

Me: That? We use that for training children and propping the door open when it’s hot!

Derrick J. Wyatt: Perfect! (Notices the other fans watching him with curious expressions) Eh… you just want me to wait until they go back on their own thing or…

Me: Never mind them, go on, draw it.

Derrick J. Wyatt: Eh…okay…(Starts doing quick movements with his feet and mumbling to himself)

Me: Would you just draw it?!

Derrick J. Wyatt: Right….(Pens it, making it wobble)

Me: Why don’t you try again? A little harder?

Derrick J. Wyatt: Right…(Pens it harder, making it lean back a lot) How’s th– (is hit by it and sent flying into the moving ropes and swinging pendulums, only to be thrusted into a tilting bowl, hitting his head several times until it tips over into the moving fan base section, where it sets off a chain reaction that causes one disgusted fan to hit him in the groin) Ooooo-hoo-hoo! My tenders…(Slowly starts to move, activating the fanbase and smacking him into the flaming area. The camera pans back to Me and the Other Fans, and we hear the flames activate and Derrick J. Wyatt screaming. He slumps over next to Me, burnt and charred) How did I do?

Me: There is now a Level Zero. (Puts out a flame on top of Derrick J. Wyatt head)

I don’t like this art style. Trying something new is good but this Ben’s facial expression is like a ten year old kid and Kevin is just look like a criminal so I think this style should be change. There r many Ben ten fans and they want cool hero type Ben Tennyson not this kiddie one……..

At least it isn’t as bad as ben 10 reboot art style,
Now that animation sucks,
Its a total rip off of the original show

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