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New Ben 10: Omniverse Episode – Have I Got a Deal for You

New Ben 10: Omniverse Episode – Have I Got a Deal for You

Turner has just released a bunch of teaser images for this week’s episode of Ben 10: Omniverse, titled ‘Have I Got a Deal For You’ (airing Saturday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c), which finds Ben Tennyson in the middle of a feud between a steampunk oil salesman and a peace-loving alien activist, all the while dealing with a cute little captive alien that is unintentionally more dangerous than he looks.

Have I Got a Deal For You’s story follows Ben as as he is asked to be the celebrity spokesman for a miracle hair tonic that has been experiencing dwindling sales, with his status as a famous galactic protector seemingly enough to boost sales. While Ben is mulling over the opportunity, he is approached by an alien activist named Pax, who reveals that the hair tonic’s secret ingredient comes from a captive alien. Pax asks Ben to decline the endorsement offer, and to help him rescue the tiny captive creature instead. Unknown to them is that exposing the captive alien to Earth’s atmosphere could cause the little creature to cause damage of epic proportions.

The upcoming episode seems like a classic case of good intentions having dreadful, unintended consequences. Of course, those who watch for the action won’t be disappointed, since some of Ben’s alien forms both old and new will be making an appearance, some of them at the wrong time (with hilarious results).

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