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Ben 10 Omniverse Sneak Episode: The More Things Change

Ben 10 Omniverse Sneak Episode: The More Things Change

Ben 10 Omniverse Sneak Episode: The More Things Change

We’ve already posted the trailer a couple of weeks ago and Man of Action’s website made an announcement about it, so a lot of Ben 10 fans are already aware of and already had the chance to view the special sneak episode (not the trailer, the actual full length sneak episode) “The More Things Change”.

But it turns out there are people who missed it, either because they weren’t paying attention, had better things to do, or like in my case, weren’t able to watch the episode at Cartoon Network’s official site due to ISP issues. In any case, you can prepare for the September 22 premiere of Ben 10: Omniverse by watching the first episode, “The More Things Change Part 1″ (Released last August 1):

Ben 10 Omniverse-The More Things Change – Part… by adventuretimepreview

…it’s a rehosted video on Vimeo, so the quality is not as pristine as you’d get from CN. Caveat emptor! Either way, the official video (in HD quality) can be found here:

(Can’t CN take advantage of more accessible services in the future, like Disney does with Youtube?)

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