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Ben 10: Omniverse – Trouble Helix Preview Clip

Ben 10: Omniverse - Trouble Helix Preview Clip

We have a special preview clip for the upcoming episode of Ben 10: Omniverse titled “Trouble Helix”, which is scheduled to air tomorrow, October 6 at 9 AM ET/PT on the Cartoon Network. The episode will show us one of the most important battles in Ben’s career as the protector of our galaxy. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones delving into Ben’s past.

The battle in question happened when Ben was just 10 years old, as he visited Galvan Prime with Gwen and Grandpa Max. Azmuth asked for their help in bringing life to the barren moon, as he sought to create a civilization for the peaceful Mechamorphs. However, the code of the Mechamorph was corrupted, resulting in the birth of Malware. Ben Tennyson served as the only thing between Malware, the Omnitrix, and total domination (and annihilation!) of the universe.

Ben’s battle with Malware is being revisited because a bounty hunter named Khyber the Huntsman managed to access all of Ben’s data, and is using them to learn all there is about the young galactic protector – from his past to his powers and even his family. Only time will tell what Khyber plans to do with the knowledge.

We also have a buncha new images from the upcoming episode:

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