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Ben 10: Omniverse – More Ben for Your Buck!

Ben 10 Omniverse

All throughout these years, one of the major points of contention between Ben 10 fans is who’s better: the young Ben Tennyson or the slightly less young/teenage Ben Tennyson? It’s a debate that is largely up to personal preference, but with the new series, entitled Ben 10: Omniverse, the point is moot – because the show will give you both young Ben and his slightly older self working together to protect the galaxy.

Ben 10 Omniverse on Cartoon Network
Ben 10 Omniverse on Cartoon Network

Ben 10: Omniverse has the 16 year old Ben traveling back in time to assist his 10 year old self, but we don’t know if both of them will use the ultimatrix or if the younger one will be using the omnitrix. This is also another point of contention, most people, including me assumed that the ultimatrix is more powerful, due to having more features plus the ability to evolve the alien lifeforms, but there’s talk going around that series creator Dwayne McDuffie has said that the Omnitrix is better.
Ben 10: Omniverse is the fourth in the series, and uses a different animation style that may look awkward to some, as it has a more cartoonish/caricatured look than the previous shows.

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  1. andrei andrei

    thats not the ultimatrix thats is a new omnitrix

  2. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    If this is the new art style, its really going to bug me. . . I still love me some Ben 10 though.

  3. Sanbell_09 Sanbell_09

    Yeah, the animation makes the show appear like a preschool counterpart to the regular show.

  4. red robin red robin

    Dont really care for the new animation style. This season will kill the Ben 10 franchise just like the American Dragon Jake Longs season 2 killed its franchise

  5. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    Forgot to add this: What would have been a better art style is if it was a Marvel/DC style instead of Downgrading. It would have made it more epic.

  6. Neil Raymundo Neil Raymundo

    IMO, the new art style seems more suited to comedy shows, instead of an action one like Ben 10 (even though Ben 10 has a certain amount of humor in it). But let’s try to give it a fair chance. Samurai Jack had a similarly caricatured art style, but it didn’t detract from the quality of the show at all (I think?).

  7. Icon_UK Icon_UK

    A very similar style was used to great effect in Transformers Animated, which kept a very nice balance of serious and comedy, so it works well for both.

  8. Nebula Nebula

    I think the series will still be good even though the dramastic change of art that they have added

  9. John John

    Absolutely horrible animation style, what a shame i was looking forward to the next chapter in the series. Oh well all i can now is wait for the next series after this one, hopefully they come to their senses and move past this style after one season.

  10. BlacKnight BlacKnight

    Alot people keep talking about different shows having a similar art syle like Batman or Transformers. but that doesnt mean anything because those shows were started with that animation style! This new art style for Ben 10 did not! So I dont like it and I most likely will not start watching this series again till next season…… its going to be a looong year.

  11. Raina Raina

    I’ve been watching Ben 10 since I was little, and it was the old Ben 10’s , I was about 4 and now I’m 12. I loved this show because of animation and the story line. And T.V shows get their audience mostly of the animation, because if it doesn’t look good, people won’t watch it. That’s exactly what’s going to happen to this new Ben 10 Omniverse. Also, it’s like destroying part of Ben 10, and one of my favorite shows. Now, most of the shows I watched when I was little are all out of wack. Loony Tunes has ok animation and Bugs Bunny isn’t the same anymore, Tom and Jerry is different now too, AND NOW BEN 10! REALLY?! Come on! Now what am I going to watch on Saturday? I’m telling you people are seriously going to stop watching this show.

  12. Orxan Orxan

    New Ben isn’t looking so good

    I like the old one

  13. Jason D. Jason D.

    I was looking really forward to the new Ben 10 series. Then I hear about Omniverse and see 16 year old Ben and HOPED that wasn’t how he would look in the new series. But I was wrong… Because of Dwayne McDuffie’s death, now this is just an idea, i think the remainder designers wanted to change the style COMPLETELY. Welp, that was enough to kill my interest in Ben 10. I’m willing to give this part of Ben 10 a shot because it might be good. If not, I don’t think I’ll ever come back to the series unless they either return to the design the original series used or the design the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien sagas used. My complaints so far is to what they did to Kevin and Gwen. Kevin looks emo now and Gwen doesn’t even look that attractive anymore. And also I’m sorta bugged by how the dial on the Omnitrix young Ben uses was changed from a circle to a hexagon. I know only miserable fanboys would complain about small changes but I’ve been so used to the art style brought in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien that I don’t like to see it all change again…. 🙁

  14. bountyhunter98 bountyhunter98

    I watched the commercial for this and I thought it was a spoof… I don’t like the animation style it ruins the effect!!!!!! Plus.. the new aliens will be less epic along with his new omnitrix!!

  15. Orxan Orxan

    Yeah the new aliens look dum

  16. Lightningbarer Lightningbarer

    The funny thing is that they’d already gone over this plot point before In two separate episodes of UA, and we know that Ben gave up the omnitrix shortly after the end of the first series. So what’s this, another alt reality?

  17. C.J. C.J.

    Here’s my question…why not use the animation from the generator rex crossover? That looked badass!

  18. Debanil Debanil

    Will Gwen and Kevin be there in the new series….?

  19. RyuuAinaki RyuuAinaki

    When I first saw the preview of the show, I had very mixed feelings about it; I was quite pleased to hear about a new Ben 10, but the new more-cartoonish animation style made me think “Oh no, they reduced the animation budget” which to me means they are gonna care about the show less, but I guess as long as the show maintains it’s high-bar level of writing, the most enjoyable part of the show (at least for me) will stay.

    After looking at it for a while, I realise that the animation style somewhat reminds me of the original show, like they are trying to bring back that atmosphere, but it reminds me more of Danny Phantom (especially the way the hands are drawn) which wasn’t a bad show, just not what I’m used to for Ben 10 shows. Just don’t change much else about the show, and you got yourself a deal.

  20. RyuuAinaki RyuuAinaki

    Ok, just finished watching a long trailer with commentary on the show, and I must say that for those who might be turned off on the new animation style, I say give it a shot. Based on what I can tell, they are changing the animation style, but it’s all the same voice actors and witty dialogue from what I saw. Omnitrix has a new interface, sorta a holographic rotary dial selection. but considering the watch seems to choose a different alien half the time anyway, I don’t think it matters what the display looks like too much.

    There are some new aliens, but Ben seems to have access to his old ones as well; these are the new Aliens that future Ben mentioned he “added” to the Omnitrix. Shocksquish from the Ben 10-Generator Rex crossover was shown briefly, and the main new alien for 16-year-old Ben they talked about is sorta a cross between Goop and Upgrade, an building-block alien that can stretches and changes shape into various structures in a Reed Richards fashion, and is shown to regenerate. 10-year-old Ben also has a new Electricity/”Energy” absorbing and manipulating Alien called Feedback.

    As far as how 10-year-old Ben and 16-year-old Ben are both in the picture, 10-year-old Ben is gonna be in flashbacks but with new unseen adventures. They say they are trying to bring back what everyone loved about all of the previous shows in one big new one, and if everyone doesn’t get pushed away by the animation style, I think they might succeed. The trailer certainly gave me hope. I found the trailer on the Ben 10 Wikia by the way.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous

    One of the major points of Ben 10 is that Ben has to make jokes and pretend he’s not phased or worried about anything (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Greetings from Techadon, and Forge of Creation) so that he won’t mess up. In Alien Force, Ben hasn’t had the omnitrix for a while, and I think we can all agree he’s more mature, however beginning with season 3, (when he blows off Gwen and Kevin) and all throughout Ultimate Alien (with his problems with pride and fame) even Asmuth says that he’s “regressing” and becoming proud, not taking things seriously. This can be seen as Ben returning to his original, proud, carefree self shown in the original series. The series had stepped away from the original; Ben’s omnitrix was redesigned, and the aliens looked more serious; they didn’t wear variations on Ben’s outfit (which anatomically doesn’t make much sense how it could just stretch like that, especially for RipJaws). The Forever Knights are nothing like they used to be, and neither are Gwen and Kevin (Both are actively friends with Ben). Finally, Ben’s not even wearing the Omnitrix anymore, so when Asmuth gives him a new version, it symbolizes a return to the original, immediately taking out the changed Gwen and Kevin and bringing back in Zombozo. The new art style is a lot more childish; representing that, while still being a continuation of the Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien series, it is closer to the original series in both its design and probably writing; just look at Ben’s new outfit; it’s clearly a modified version of the original.
    The Creators are the same one’s who once did Teen Titans, and they once said that Teen Titans was supposed to be more comedy than action, I think this series is supposed to be more comedy than action as well, undoing the more serious elements that had deviated from the original course.

  22. Anonymous Anonymous

    However, the show has been advertised as a combination between the original series and Alien Force/Ultimate Alien; or, if we see the original series as a comedic show with serious elements and the sequel series as serious with comedic elements, a show that is equal parts serious and equal parts comedy. We can already see Ben struggling with this; the omnitrix continually messes up in the new series, however, instead of simply working with it, Ben makes useless comments such as “If I were Humongosaur you would be so sorry right now” and then the real action happens after he times out and can become a different alien (the Clockwork incident). This is in contrast to the flashbacks of 11-year-old Ben, who seems to always win without much stress within the first 2 minutes, while it takes the 16-year-old the entire episode. However, at the end of the newest episode “Jolt from the Past” Ben remarks to Rook that it’s never easy, which is something he clearly couldn’t admit before (see previous post). Admitting your faults is a sign a maturity, and I think this show will do a good job of continuing the series, it’s just going to be a little different because Ben is going to move forward; it’s a difficult time in his life, and we already know from Ben 10K that he’s going to be a superhero for the rest of it; he needs to find the balance, and I think that’s what this series is about.


    animation style is downgraded and perhaps cheaper to produce ..Lmao! (but crying inside)

    this is not the CHANGE i voted for.. nuff said

  24. Chris Chris

    We’ve always watched Ben 10 as a family and were really excited every week to see Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. We were really excited to see this series. My kids always ask for the action figures for Christmas. Unfortunately, they had to go and change a great combo (characters and animation). Now, neither my kids nor we adults really care to watch. Too bad.

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