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Ben 10 Secret Saturdays Crossover to premiere on Cartoon Network

Ben 10 secret saturdays

Everyone’s favorite transforming galactic protector Ben 10 is about to have his 2nd crossover event with the world’s best cryptid hunters, The Secret Saturdays, in a Special Ben 10 episode dubbed TGIS (Thank God its Saturdays)

In the crossover, the Saturdays’ cross paths with Ben while chasing the Chupacabra and mistake him for a cryptid. The special also features Ben Rook (now 16), Zak Drew, and Doc Saturday along with The Saturdays’ cryptid pets Fisk Komodo and Zon going up against V.V Argost Revived by Dr. Animo. The special will Premiere on Cartoon network between late 2013 and Early 2014


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