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Cartoon Network is Rebooting the Ben 10 Franchise

While technically more successful than many animated series during its time, it can’t be denied that Ben 10: Omniverse failed to gain the same amount of critical and fan acclaim that its predecessors achieved. If you’re part of the fanbase that saw Omniverse as a step down from Ultimate Alien, the latest news should be a good one, as Cartoon Network is going back to the drawing board and rebooting the series.

According to recent reports, Cartoon Network is producing a new take on the Ben 10 franchise and has decided on fall 2016 as the premiere for international markets, followed by an American premiere in 2017. Man of Action will once again helm the project as executive producers, while John Fang (of Generator Rex) will be acting as executive producer.

The rebooted Ben 10 series will still follow the exploits of 10 year old Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen, and Grandpa Max. The series will restart the story, with the trio out in the country for a summer vacation and Ben accidentally finding the mysterious Omnitrix, which grants him alien superpowers.

What do you think? Is the reboot necessary or were you hoping that they will continue where Omniverse left off? Sound off in the comments section or at Toonbarn’s forums!


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2 replies on “Cartoon Network is Rebooting the Ben 10 Franchise”

the character design is somehow even worse then the omniverse version. he looks like a monkey.. who designed him, a blind man?

Hmm… The artwork seems nice as opposed to Omniverse. But a reboot? I don’t know about that…
Guess we’ll know in time. BTW, is there anything new about Generator Rex? I LOVE that show! (LOVE, present tense, as in I STILL DO!)

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