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It’s Hero Time! Ben 10: Omniverse Returns This Saturday, Oct 5 on CN

ben-10-omniverse returns

Ben 10 fans are in for a treat, as their favorite transforming galactic protector via the return of Ben 10: Omniverse this coming Saturday, October 5, at 9:30 am on Cartoon Network. The return of Ben 10: Omniverse means another run around with Ben, his partner Rook, and all of his alien transformations as they run around going after bad guys and saving the world, all the while taking the time to kick back and enjoy a little run at Mr. Smoothie’s!

But don’t think that Ben’s return is going to be your run of the mill Omniverse episode, as it features a Cartoon Network original crossover episode titled “T.G.I.S.,” which has The Secret Saturdays coming to Bellwood in order to investigate an outbreak of Chupacabra attacks. Hopefully, Ben and the cryptid hunters will be able to work together in order to capture the dangerous mythical creature.

ben 10 omniverse returns

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