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IGN reviews Ben 10: Alien Force for the Nintendo DS

Ben 10: Alien Force The Game

IGN has just reviewed the latest Ben 10 game for the Nintendo DS, entitled .  Here’s a little bit of what they had to say:

The Ben 10: Alien Force video game on DS is a much less satisfactory experience than last year’s Protector of Earth. It’s unfortunate that the positive progress made in the TV series couldn’t be reflected in this latest game adaptation, as the first time Ben 10 game to the DS it was in a robust and solid adventure. But, for whatever reason, most of the best qualities from that first game have been cut out of this sequel, and the places where Alien Force could have naturally advanced — like making Gwen and Kevin more active participants in the action — go uncapitalized on as well. If you’re a Ben 10 fan, I still recommend last year’s product and you should now be able to pick it up for under 20 bucks. But this year’s Alien Force effort is much less desirable, and should only be considered by the most dedicated Plumbers-in-training.

You gamers out there agree?

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