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Introducing Ben 10: Omniverse’s Co-Op Partner, Rook

Introducing Ben 10: Omniverse's Co-Op Partner, Rook

The worldwide premiere of Ben 10: Omniverse is looming, with the September 22 launch date creeping every slowly. Now, it’s pretty much a given that a franchise as popular as Ben 10 will get a brand-spanking new videogame tie-in, but how do you top the previous efforts? There’s literally dozens of Ben 10 games already, with each one trying to up the ante in one way or another: give him the ability to change forms in-game, make it 3D, put him in a friggin’ kart race! What else is left?

Easy, give him a co-op partner: Rook Blonko.

For people who managed to watch the sneak preview episode, you’re already familiar with what he looks like. He’s a violet-skinned alien wearing an armor with a blue/black color scheme. He’s got pointed elf-like ears and black stripes and white face paint. He’s pretty much capable of using various Plumber weaponry and devices, but his main one is called the Proto-Tool, which is described as a high-tech multifunction weapon designed to battle evil. Kind of like a space swiss knife, only it’s more of a gun? And instead of turning screws, it blows stuff up? We don’t know yet.

The Ben 10: Omniverse game will have Rook Blonko as a co-op character, and as described before, the game itself plays much like the Marvel Ultimate Alliance beat-em-up games, which has you controlling one character while the CPU controls your ally, which can also be controlled by another human player. The Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and Wii U will all have versions of the same game with minor variations here and there (probably to take advantage of the specific console’s strengths).

Check out the video below for a glimpse of what the game will be like. Ben 10: Omniverse is scheduled for release on November 13.

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