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Man of Action’s fourth Ben 10 series, Ben 10: Omniverse

Man of Actions fourth Ben 10 series Ben 10 Omniverse
LAIMAGE2.jpg: 16 year-old Ben from Ben 10: Omniverse

We’ve been through a lot with our pal Ben Tennyson. There’ve been alien abductions and global takeover plots, various transformations that seem to create themselves on a whim — some that are even introduced outside of the Ben 10 Universe! Now, Man of Action, the very team behind Ben 10, Alien Force, and Ultimate Alien, is ready to introduce the next chapter into the Ben 10 franchise: Ben 10: Omniverse.  Only this time, there’s a bold connection to the past in addition to a path moving forward!

Ben 10: Omniverse seems to pick off where Ben 10: Ultimate Alien left off, when Ben at 16-years-old, wielding the successor to the Omnitrix, the Ultimatrix. However, fans will quickly realize that this is not simply a path forging ahead, but rather an intricate web that weaves back through Ben’s past adventures — directly so, when we see him visiting the cast of the original series, Ben 10, to help his 10 year old self in various adventures.

16 year-old Ben from Ben 10 Omniverse
16 year-old Ben from Ben 10 Omniverse

To create this new toon and set it apart from the rest, the folks at Man of Action (including Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle) opted for an all-new look to mix with the all new storylines, streamlining both the older Ben, and his younger “flashback” version, to a smoother animation style.

Now that we’re able to see Ben’s new 16 year old look, what do you guys think? Dig the jacket-less style? Do larger eyes make a winner? Have you taken a gander at the modified wrist-wear?

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

By ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob

28 replies on “Man of Action’s fourth Ben 10 series, Ben 10: Omniverse”

Hmm, he’ll actually be 17. He’s sixteen in Ultimate Alien. I have mixed feelings about the new series. I’ll miss his jacket. ;^; XD He loves his jacket, I somehow have a hard time seeing him getting rid of it or not wearing it anymore. As well as the artstyle being so different, I think I like the older artstyle better. I do have to admit though, the story sounds like it’ll be totally awesome. So, all in all I’m really excited. I can’t wait to see Gwen and Kevin’s designs. ^^ The toy line looks like it’ll be pretty cool as well, but who am I kidding? I love all Ben 10 toys <3

I’m still lukewarm with how the new Ben:10 Omniverse is drawn. I’m still leaning towards the way Ben10: Alien Force and Ultimate character lines. I guess I have to wait for the show to premiere and see how I feel about it. The show as a whole has been great in developing intriguing story arcs (more evident in Ultimate) that touches several episodes of each other, which I think expanses the series further. Now, with a new series about to roll out, I’m curious how it will play and I just hope I won’t be so thrown off with the new character art. Looking forward to seeing more of Ben’s adventures.

Ben looks to cartoony and the watch looks weird …old 16 year old looks way betterand the shirt looks cool but idk the cartoon looks 2 d and not like alien force ultramatrix is better too

It’s an interesting story line but I HATE the new animation, it looks childish, something about it makes me look at Ben as not the same character.

i dont like how there complely canging ben10 but i loved all the ben 10 series
i just think there not evan make a show about ben10 its like toataly diffrant show
and the ben doesnt look like ben but i am exited that ben 10 will be expanded show wise

NO, NO, NO ,NO ,NO :'( Why the change?? I loved it the way it was. I’m sure it will still be a great season just i’m disappointed with the new look :'(

i cant wait for ben 10 omnivers,as long as kevin and gwen go with ben to the past,with that rocken 1776 dodge challenger il be fine,but is this going to be a real cind of thing or alternate univers and were is the originals heatblast and swampfire in every series it has them in it ,and it starts out with fire

I HATE the way the new and very weird style they drew this new Ben 10! I am a huge fan of all the previous Ben 10 shows and this just sucks. I am really unhappy about it.

whatt have u done r u sure the total drama team drawn this oh i am a huge ben 10 fan u just made ben 10 sad [sad face]

The animation seems a step backward to me. I watch ALOT of animations and o LOVE the Ben 10 series, all of them. But this animation design is 10 steps backwards. I speak for myself when I say ill watch the show. But you may loose fans over this. 🙁

A lot of us are complaining about the poor retarded art style. I used to think if Man of Action is gonna create a new Ben 10 series, they’ll make the art style better and better (just like the ones we’ve seen in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien). I even thought that they’ll do it like Generator Rex, but nope! They ruined the show with pathetic art style! If only they would remake the new series with a better art style… Too bad they don’t care about it.

I like the new look, sure, but not style. It feels like I’m watching Scooby Doo, hell Ben look kinda like Shaggy with da goofy hair and smile. Gwen, could her lips get any bigger oh and why’s it mandatory to where that school looking uniform again? Kevin, is my favorite character, and personally I LOVE his new look, it may be da same as always, but it kinda reminisces with his old 11 year old look too, plus I prayed his hair would get longer, but the new art style makes him look dumber looking cuz a the exaggerated chin and smaller and kind of hidden eyes… I dunno, I have a bad feeling just cuz a the art dat it might start to go downhill from here… I loved da show but, dis new art really makes me feel like it truly is meant for kids again, like the original Ben 10…

the ben’s kinda look like their younger cuz’ ben as a 16 year old looks like he’s only 14 and ben looks like when he was in the episode with the fountain of youth and he got a few years younger

I have to say that I am not very find of the new Ben 10 look. i’ve been watching Ben 10 for years! i have to say that the transition of the 10 year old Ben to the 16 year old Ben was very good. but i feel like just because its a new serioes that doesnt mean look has to change. i think that i vouch for a lot of people when i say that the new look sucks!

I am 49 and watch this with my son , its something we share and he hates it as well, keeps asking for “Real Ben 10 not little Ben10 ” …This is awful , the art the story … This is on the level of the 1st season .. Not of the level that this show had gotten to … Who ever is writing and drawing this series now obviously doesn’t take it seriously or is in over thier head ! What made Ben 10 so cool was how it reminded me of the old johnny quest with cool art and great stories and blending of Gwen & Kevin and Ben and a seriously solid cast of odd ball characters … Now it’s boring and should b cancelled if this is all u got..

Have to agree with Gabriel – I loved this show and now it’s somebody else completely. I’m done. Ben has not only jumped the shark – he turned into Humongosaur and jumped on the shark. The new version is AWFUL.

He looks more like a charature(idk if that is spelt right) and is too cartoonish in my opinion. I guess this series is pointed towards the younger children. The others are more realistic than this one, and they each stuck to the feeling of the last. This one is completely blown of the usual track. Im not planning on watching this seriess.

this is retarted i like the new alien desings but the characters desings except for kevin are awful especially g-pa max and 11 yr ben

why gwen have 16 and is in college? and if she is in college , it is not supposed that ben is going too? plus, why ben looks so child he have 17 ¿no? i like the new season (have potencial) but the design of the characters are pretty awful , no awful… just that … they are good but mmm they all looks like if they have 13 (i know that you combine the design of all seasons) but i dont know, i just don like it special kevin he looks like a clown or ghost …

This is something like “THE amazing SPIDERman” that is not spiderman4 bt a all nw begining…..ben10:omniverse is all nw ben of age 10

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