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Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Cartoon Network has begun work on the new live-action movie Ben 10: Alien Swarm. The film, obviously based on our favorite animated Ben 10 Alien Force series, is set to debut later this fall. The network’s first live-action Ben 10 movie, Ben 10: Race Against Time will be two years old at that point (can you believe it?) having hit the TV on November 22nd, ...


Ben 10 Alien Force products

Ben 10 Alien Force is fully covered when it comes to products.  We’ve already read about the deal linking Ben 10 with Basic Fun, but now Cartoon Network Enterprises has signed more deals.  These include with The Canadian Group for Ben10 Magnetic Creations and temporary tattoos, and also with Dynatech for flashlights and snow sleds.  Bandai America will also release a new toy line for ...


Ben 10: Alien Force hits the UK

Ben 10: Alien Force is a hit in the US, and now Cartoon Network is hoping it can be a hit in the UK. Later today, Monday February 16th, the Turner Broadcasting animated series will premiere on Cartoon Network UK. Any of you ToonBarners over there psyched to get a new friend in Ben? ...


Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall is Official!

Cartoon Network has done it.  They’ve now officially launched Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall, the network’s first massively multiplayer online game (MMOG).  The game is subscription-based (about $6 a month) and already has 2.5 million users.  You can create your own avatar and battle alongside over 50 characters from Cartoon Network, including Ben 10 Alien Force, ...


Ben MP10 Player?

Have you ever sat around listening to music and wondered what it would be like if your stereo speakers were Ben 10: Alien Force speakers?  …Well, wonder no more!  Cartoon Network Enterprises and Jazwares have teamed up to introduce just that!  In addition to the speakers, you can get Ben 10 USB drives, digital cameras, and an MP3 player.  Look for them in stores around April. ...


FusionFall – The Battle Begins

Still looking for a little bit more info before getting involved with FusionFall?  Well look no further!  We’ve scored some footage of the game’s intro (thanks again to GeneralMargera1) where you can get a closer look at what’s up for grabs here!  Check out the video of the game after the break! ...


Cartoon Network’s FusionFall

Now that MMORPGs are all the rage (that’s “massive multiplayer online role playing game”) Cartoon Network is getting in on the action with FusionFall.  Planet Fusion, ruled by the evil Fuse, has traveled throughout the galaxy, devastating civilizations, moving towards Earth.  You must joins forces with various Cartoon Network characters to save the planet!  Fellow Toonbarner ...


IGN reviews Ben 10: Alien Force for the Nintendo DS

IGN has just reviewed the latest Ben 10 game for the Nintendo DS, entitled .  Here’s a little bit of what they had to say: The Ben 10: Alien Force video game on DS is a much less satisfactory experience than last year’s Protector of Earth. It’s unfortunate that the positive progress made in the TV series couldn’t be reflected in this latest game adaptation, as the first ...


Some cartoon Halloween costumes

Every Halloween, cartoon fans dress up as characters from their favorite shows.  Whether you’re a fan of Sonic or Avatar or He-Man or GI Joe, there are so many different costumes that look really cool on Halloween.  A bunch of users did it again this year and sent their images over to us at ToonBarn.  We wanted to post a bunch so you got to see their creative genius!  There’s ...


IGN’s Ben 10: Alien Force Review

IGN recently had a chance to review the latest Ben 10 game for Nintendo Wii.  Here’s a bit of what they had to say… and it wasn’t good: There’s just nothing to Ben 10: Alien Force that’s worth taking a look at. Everything about the game is entirely uninspired, from the bland visuals and awkward physics to the sleep-inducing music. It’s a shame, really, ...


Ben 10 Alien Force and Bakugan

If you love Ben 10 Alien Force and Bakugan, but also love bed sheets and blankets, well then this news bit is for you!  Cartoon Network has recently announced that they’ll be releasing all new products for Ben 10 and Bakugan, starting next year — just in time for you to bring your Ben 10 beach towel to the beach next summer! ... now has 16 pages of news and games!« First Page1213141516

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